Dont Save Me 10/4/05

By Cassandra Freiborg

I stare in your direction,

I see nothing but a blur,

your heart is beating too fast,

always chasing after her.

I follow the tire marks,

the skidmarks across the road,

leading to the ditch,

where your body grew so cold.

I was there in the car with you,

sitting in the backseat,

watching as you fooled with her,

and veered off of the street.

I tried to call out then,

in those last few moments,

to told you how I felt,

how this was such a torment.

I heard her screaming,

as we hit that tree,

I know that it was your bloody face,

was the last thing for her to see.

I watch you as you slow now,

climbing down that steep hill,

to that dented tree,

and watch your tears begin to spill.

"I really do miss her,

and Ill never forgive myself her death,

but Im so very grateful,

that you're here with me drawing breath."

I look at you sadly,

because I know you'll never see,

that what I said to you that night,

"God, please don't save me."