"My Mom's Only Treasure" 10/4/05

By:Cassandra Freiborg

Mommys in the kitchen,

and daddy is asleep,

and I finally get my chance,

to go and take a peek.

My mommy has this box,

she fills with all her treasures,

filled with gold and diamond rings,

and lots of peacock feathers.

Or at least thats what I think,

Ive not seen inside before,

oh what mysterious and beautiful things,

has this box in store?

I creep across the floor,

tiptoeing is my specialty,

I slink past my dad,

with his closed eyes he cannot see me!

I giggle very softly,

and crouch down on the floor,

pulling the box off of the shelf,

staring with adore.

I touch the mahogany lid,

and lift it very slowly,

and my eyes behold her treasures,

whats this-they look like me!

I pull out glossy papers,

with my faces of the ages,

I stare in awe,

and flip through the pages.

No pretty feathers,

and no sparkling jewelry,

the only treasure my mom has,

is lots of glossy mes!