Frozen Over

Author's notes: A friend…well actually three friends asked me to post this up. So here it is. Done for a Medical Careers Academy Project (one of many) on Natural Disasters. Yes I did this a year ago but was too lazy to post it up and I remembered now because I have a new project w/ a story to work on. Characters are mostly not mine…I mean they're not mine except for Demmi, that's me. The rest are my buddies. And this is the unedited version for fun's sake.

One thing was certain…it was a definite bad idea to go to Alaska for winter break that winter. Of course it was Tommy's idea. The extremely tall blonde was notorious for having the worst ideas possible…So now the group of six teens were stuck in the middle of nowhere cramped in Shenequa's extravagant and expensive hot pink SUV.

"It's cold…" Athena shivered. Athena was Tommy's best friend and was a beautiful black girl.

The other people in the SUV were Shenequa, the tall gorgeous black girl who was driving since it was her car, Demmi, short for Demiana, a medium height pretty Egyptian girl, Abbey, a white blonde that always wore blue eye shadow, and Genesha, a long haired Mexican girl that looked like a white chick.

"I have the heeeeaaaattteeerrrr on giiiiirl!" Shenequa said.

"Ah heeeeelllll naw! I ain't feelin' nothin'!" Demmi pointed out.

"Well ya gotta get yur damned hypothermia checked neeeeeeggggrooooo!" Shenequa replied glancing back at the girl.

"Ahhh! You're gonna crash into something!!!!!!!!!!!" Abbey and Genesha yelled.

Shenequa glanced in front of her and saw white. The road was nowhere in sight. She hit the breaks causing Athena to fly backwards into Tommy's lap.

"Heeeeeey Athy." Tommy greeted.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Ew what's that cold hard thing?" Athena asked.

"Aw shit! My balls are freezing off!" Tommy yelled glancing downwards into his pants.

"EEEWWWWWWWWWW!" Athena quickly jumped off his lap and into her seat.

"Ahhhhh!" Genesha suddenly yelled.

"What?" Abbey glared at her.

"The window is freezing! We're all gonna die!!!!!" Genesha gasped.

Tommy stupidly reached out and touched the white glass.

"What are you doing you idiot?!" Demmi yelled.

"Um…" Tommy turned to her and waved. His hand was stuck in a "V" shape in the middle. "I think my hand is frozen."

Athena reached over and touched his fingers. They were freezing and rock hard. "AH! Don't move! They might fall off!!"

"I can't feel them…where did they go?????" Tommy whispered in a shocked phase.

"Holy monogamy! Everyone but Shenequa gasped.

"Sorry, I don't believe in no monogamy neeeeeegroooooo." Shenequa said simply rolling her eyes. "I'm gonna check the damn radio." She turned on the radio and looked for a news channel.

"Well folks…" a weather man voice come on. "I guess we have a blizzard in southern state Alaska here."

"We're in Southern state Alaska!" Abbey shouted. "We're screwed!"

"Um…guys?" Demmi asked as she poked Tommy. "I think he's dead." She stated at the unmoving Tommy.

"Holy monogamy!" Everyone screamed as they jumped away from Tommy. Tommy was a dead man unless they got to a hospital soon.

"Where are we anyways?" Genesha asked now getting worried about her health.

"Hold on neeeegrooooo! I have to call 911 cause I ain't goin' nowhere 'till I know where the hell we're going." Shenequa said as she typed in a number on her cell phone.

"The number you have reached cannot be found. Leave a message after the beep. beeeeeep"

"Hello? Why isn't he answering the phone????? Fiddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shenequa yelled.

"Who the heeeeellllll are you talking to?" Demmi asked.

"Oh…Fidel. I promised I would call him." Shenequa answered.

"What about 911!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Abbey yelled.

"Oh yeah…" Shenequa typed in 911. "Hello? Yeah, um we're stuck in a blizzard. I'm sorry? Aw helllll naw you did not just say that nigga! I ain't waiting for four hours! Who do you think I am?!" Shenequa yelled.

"Sorry ma'am but—"

"Aw hell naw! You ain't callin' me ma'am now are ya nigga?" Shenequa yelled.

"Sorry…miss. Um we're busy because we have already sent out all of our search parties. Please sit tight until they reach you soon. I am sorry ma—I mean Miss."

Shenequa rolled her eyes as she clicked her phone closed. "They're gonna find us in a few hours."

"By then Tommy will be dead!" Athena yelled angrily.

"Good. Let the white guy die I ain't givin no care. I can't do nothing about it anyways." Shenequa replied.

It was a long three hours before the rescue party came up and took Tommy to the hospital. The other five ladies drove to said hospital to check on Tommy later and he seemed to be recovering. A few days later, Tommy awoke and his friends went to go see him.

"Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Athena gasped as she gave Tommy a large hug.

"Hey guys, since this vacation is over…wanna go to Compton?" He asked with his usual innocent smile.

"No!!!!!!!!!!!!" Everyone but Shenequa yelled

"Sure." Shenequa nodded.

And they all lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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