Two Teens and a Baby

Chapter 3

I took Brooke's advice and left school early after what had happened in the locker room. That and the fight between my boyfriend and ex-boyfriend had been enough for one day. At home, I found the house empty. That was to be expected. Mom was at work and Kevin was probably at a friend's getting drunk.

I threw myself down on a couch in the living room and closed my eyes. I didn't have a tough time falling asleep. I'm a light sleeper so I was woken up by the house phone ringing. It seemed like I had only just lay down and closed my eyes. I sat up unsteadily and peered sleepily at my watch. It was six o'clock. Time flies. "Hello?" I said lazily, once in the kitchen with the phone in hand.

"Anna, it Mom." She sounded cheerful. She almost always was at work. She loved her job. Mom was a psychiatrist and she basically did a lot of paperwork, prescribed medicine and talked to people with some sort of problem or problems all day long. I think. I never really asked her about it.

"Yeah, hi. What time are you going to be home?" I drummed my fingers on the counter.

"Um, well I have an appointment at six and another at eight-thirty so I'll be home late tonight. Why don't you invite over Brooke so you're not alone?"

"Fine." I hated being in my house all by myself because it was so quiet that I could hear every single noise in the whole house.

"There's some money in the jar on the kitchen table for pizza." She said. Just as I had thought, the money was gone. I didn't tell her that Kevin had already taken the money.

"Thanks Mom. See you later." As soon as I hung up, the phone began to ring again. "Hello?"

"Anna, what are you doing?" It was Brooke.

"Don't bother to say hello." I teased. She never did anyway.

Brooke sighed exasperatedly. "Well, hi."

"What's up?"

"Nothing. I'm bored. My brother's friends are here so I'm inviting myself to your house and sleeping over." grumbled Brooke without pausing.

"Sure, come by whenever. And bring pizza because I'll be hungry."

"Okay, I will. I'll be there in under hour." She hung up the phone without a goodbye.

I loved how forward Brooke was. It made up for the part of me that was always a bit hesitant.

An hour and a half later, I heard Brooke letting herself in through the front door. We didn't leave the doors unlocked, so Mom eventually handed Brooke a key because she came by so often. "I'm here!" She called unnecessarily. "Give me a hand."

I met her in the foyer. She had a duffel bag over her shoulder, a suitcase with wheels trailing behind her, and a box of pizza she was holding wobbly in her empty hand. I took the pizza from her and led her upstairs and into to my room where we both collapsed on my bed.

"On the way over," Brooke started, "I got a call from Remy and she said we have practice tomorrow at eleven."

I was confused. How could we have soccer practice during school? It was usually after. "We have class then."

"No, no. They canceled school because they have to exterminate the school." She explained.

I grinned. No doubt Donovan's father was footing that bill. I lifted the lid of the pizza box and dug in. I hadn't eaten a whole meal all day. I never really ate in the morning and today there was the whole fight that prevented me from eating my lunch.

"Your room's a mess." Brooke mentioned after a moment of silence.

I rolled my eyes. "I know, I know. It always is."

"Have you talked to Patrick?"

"No. I should call him, shouldn't I?" I reached over Brooke and grabbed the cordless phone that was lying on my pillow.

Brooke didn't answer, and I didn't push for a response because I knew she disliked him. I dialed his cell phone number and waited silently as it rang. "Hello?"

"Hey hon." I said in a friendly voice.

"Anna?" croaked Patrick.

"Hey how are you. I was worr—" Brooke shot me a look that said yeah right.

He cut me off. "Listen Anna; let's not talk about what happened today. It's over."

"But Pat you—"

"Look, the resolution is that you won't talk to Brett anymore. He's an asshole and I don't want you around him."

Brooke, who had been leaning over and listening, snorted. I shushed her and moved over to the other side of the bed. She crawled after me and stuck her head next to mine.

"Patrick, Brett is my friend. He's a good friend of mine. You can't tell me not to talk to him anymore." My tone was a bit cool.

Patrick sounded slightly irritated also. "No Anna, Brett is your ex-boyfriend. I know he has feelings for you still and I'm not going to let him take what's mine."

Brooke's mouth hung open. "Mine?" She hissed. "You're not his property!"

I blinked. "Patrick, do not start with me. This is ridiculous. I'm not an object to be fought over." Having had enough, I hung up before he could reply. As soon as I did, Brooke started talking.

"God, Anna. He is horrible. You really need to get rid of him already! It's not good when your boyfriend is jealous and possessive. Not to mention totally psycho, controlling..." The look I gave her shut her up without another word.

"I really don't want to talk about him. You know he's also sweet and loving and that he cares for me."

Brooke rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well I guess you need a combination of the both."

After that, there was no more talk about Pat. We settled down, finished our pizza and watched The Laws of Attraction for the millionth time. Brooke and I both agreed that it was the perfect cliché romantic comedy and we never got tired watching it.

We both fell asleep on my bed before the movie ended.


The next morning, I got up at nine thirty and took a shower. I hopped out, put my wet hair in a high ponytail and put on a pair of gray shorts and a white wife beater. On the way out of the bathroom, I passed Brooke whom was just going in. I went downstairs and into the kitchen where I found a note written by Mom telling Kevin and I to have a good day. Opening the fridge, I pulled out some strawberries and grabbed two peaches out of the fruit bowl on the counter. I cut up the peaches and threw them in the blender with the strawberries and a few cubes of ice.

"Mmm, whatcha makin' little sis?" Kevin sauntered into the kitchen, hands in the pockets of his filthy pants.

I took one look at him and said, "Kevin, go wash those pants. They're disgusting." I turned back to the blender and switched it on.

"What's wrong with 'em?" He asked over the noise. "I washed them like, three nights ago."

"Yes, and you probably haven't taken them off since they came out of the dryer." I answered. I looked over at the redhead that had just walked into the kitchen. "Kevin, who the hell is she?" I asked, turning off the blender and picked it up. I poured two glasses, one for Brooke and one for me.

"This is…Dina?" The idiot didn't even know her name.

"Rhonda." Her smile toward me seemed kind. She pouted at Kevin. "I thought you said you didn't have any other girls." She said this while looking at me.

Kevin gave her a weird look before taking a glance around the kitchen. "What other girls? That thing over there is related to me." He asked. "I'm not seeing any other chicks. You're the only one for me."

Rhonda playfully slapped his arm. "Oh, stop. You're so cute!"

I lifted my glass to my mouth and took a long drink.

"Look at how she's sloshin' that down." My brother laughed at his idiocy. "She's my sister, by the way. Anna." He added, kissing Rhonda on the nose.

I gave him a nasty look. "Kevin, what happened to Brielle from last Thursday?"

My brother smirked at me, "Pssh. Are you talking about the dog groomer's delivery girl? All I did was invite her in for some lemonade. It was hot out and she looked like she could use a drink."

Rhonda giggled and reached into the refrigerator, "Aw, Kevin. You're so sweet!"

I held back a snort.

First of all, we don't even own a dog and second, Mom doesn't buy lemonade because no one in the house likes it. Third, Kevin was in San Francisco at a car show on Thursday with a girl named Brielle (or it was Brenna) but I didn't bother to say anything.

When Brooke walked into the kitchen, I handed her a glass. We stood, leaning against the counter drinking and watching Rhonda and my brother making Eggo waffles in the microwave and complaining when they didn't come out crunchy. Good Lord.

I glanced at the clock on the microwave. It was only quarter after ten. "Hey Anna," Kevin said.

"What?" He wanted something. I knew that tone of voice very well.

"Can I borrow your car? Mine's got a flat."

"No way, I have to get to practice at eleven." Rhonda frowned at me for not letting Kevin have his way.

"I could take you." Brooke offered. I shot her a look. "I could take you if my car wasn't such a mess. And it is." She added hastily.

"You're not goin' no where. I have to drive Rhonda home and that's all the way in Malibu."

"So send her in a cab." I suggested, smirking at the redhead.

"Don't be so heartless Anna." Brooke said. Then she turned to my brother. "I'll drive her."

"Alright, fine. You owe me though." I said to Kevin as I passed him on the way out of the kitchen.

I raced up the stairs to my room, with Brooke on my heels. I put on a headband to keep my side swept bangs out of my face. We grabbed our soccer bags and made our way back downstairs. I met Kevin in the foyer and tossed him the keys to my Mustang. "Don't mess it up." I warned. He shooed me out the front door and assured me that I wouldn't have to worry.

"I'm making a mistake." I said as Brooke backed her car out of the driveway.

"Oh, stop worrying. He's just going to Malibu and then he'll be back."

"Hah." The ride was silent after that until we got stuck in traffic. I wasn't in a very good mood today, obviously. My argument with Patrick last night had been kind of upsetting. "What the hell is causing traffic at ten thirty on a Tuesday morning?"

"Beats me." Brooke replied.

"Hmm," The traffic was being directed by a police officer to make a detour onto a different road. "Pull up to the cop and ask what's going on."

Brooke's car crept slowly behind the others in front of us. When we reached the officer, Brooke rolled down her window. He leaned down to eye level with us. "Morning ladies."

"Hello officer, we were just wondering what's the hold up?" Brooke asked politely.

"A fire started in one of the buildings down on Perry Ave so we're trying to keep people outta there. It's only just dying down now." He hitched up his pants.

"What building, do you know?" I questioned. Mom's office was on Perry. I whipped out my cell phone and dialed her work number.

"Nah, I wasn't informed. I'm just supposed to direct traffic."

"Thank you officer." Brooke rolled up her window and turned onto the road that the policeman was pointing to.

"Hello, Anna?"

"Mom, are you okay? I heard there was a fire."

"Fire? Oh that's way down Perry. Not near me at all."

I sighed in relief. "Oh, okay. Just wanted to make sure you were safe."

"I have to go honey, but thank you for calling to make sure I was alright. It means a lot to me."

I looked up at the school parking lot just as we pulled in. "Seems kind of crowded for only the soccer team."

"I think Coach Canarozzi has the football team out here today." replied Brooke. She pulled into a parking spot.


We got our bags out of the backseat and walked over to the soccer field. A few of the girls were already there stretching. "Where's everyone else?" Brooke asked.

"We're supposed to go down to the track and run a few laps." Maddie, a senior answered.

I flopped down on the ground and did a couple quick stretches before hurrying down the slope to the track with Brooke and a girl from the sophomore class called Shannon. The track surrounded the football field where the football team was. A few of the guys were also running laps.

As soon as my sneakers hit the red track, I picked up speed. I loved to run.

"Hey, hey! Duran!" I looked to see who was calling me. It was Brett. He was running backwards about 100 meters ahead of me.

The other guys' attention was turned to me. "Come on over here and give us a look at that booty!" One of them obnoxiously called.

I scowled at the kid and tried to pull down my shorts as I still kept at the same pace. Idiot.

Brett glared at his teammate and came to a sudden stop, allowing me to catch up to him. I kept running, and stuck out my arm and grabbed his jersey and pulled him along after me. "Hey." He said as we ran together. I nodded back with a small smile.

I was on my third lap when our coach, Coach Bright yelled for us to come over and get practice started. We did some drills for well over an hour before we were allowed a break. I took a long drink from my water bottle. Most of the other girls were going back down to the track where the football team was. Our coaches allowed the two teams to talk to each other when we were practicing because it was no secret they were dating, or had some sort of fondness for each other.

"Damn, Duran. You need a long shower." Donovan exclaimed when he saw me. I probably did. My hair was matted and sweaty, and I had no make up on. I sneered at him anyway. It wasn't like I needed a reminder on how horrible I looked. He was practically in his perspiration. I didn't approach him because he probably stunk.

"I'd have to say the same thing to you."

"Oh, I know honey. I was actually hoping you'd join me." He licked his full lips and smiled innocently up at the sky. Just as I was about to snarl back a cruel reply, someone called out my name.

I looked behind me and saw a group of the girls and some of the football players standing around in a circle. I jogged over and pushed my way through. Brooke was in the center, on the ground. Her face was screwed up in pain.

"Brooke, what the hell happened?" I asked, covering my open mouth in surprise.

"I tripped and hurt my ankle." She grimaced and tried to sit up.

One of the football players bent down to help her sit up. "I've got you." He said softly to her. I bent down too and helped him bring her up to one foot. The guy looked at me. He had bright blue eyes. "I'm going to take her to the hospital." He lifted Brooke up bridal style and walked out of the circle. He instructed for one of the other guys to tell the coach where he had gone.

"Anna, can you take my car? My keys are in my bag." She winked at me. Her dark brown eyes were bright. She didn't seem like she was in that much pain anymore, now that she was in the arms of a very gorgeous boy.

I nodded, silently. Brooke was a very independent person, and here she was letting this guy carry her off.

"Well, that sucks. She needs to be here for practice. We have a big game on Friday." One girl on my team complained.

"Hopefully she'll be alright." Maddie said, biting a fingernail.

I agreed.

Practice was extra long since Brooke was gone. She was a key player, so Coach Bright made us work a lot harder to make sure we'd still be strong if Brooke wasn't able to play in the upcoming game. We were finally allowed to leave at four. By the time I had gathered up all of my stuff, I was very hungry. I decided that I'd stop at a nearby deli and get a sandwich right after.

A girl on the team, Candice, helped me by carrying Brooke's bag up to the car. I was throwing my bag into the backseat of Brooke's car when I heard loud voices announcing the arrival of Donovan and some of his friends sans Brett.

Donovan said, "Anna, honey, how about that shower now?"

I rolled my eyes. Candice nudged me slightly. "He's so cute, Anna. Why don't you just give in and go out on a date with him?"

"He didn't ask to me go out with him, Can." I replied with an eye roll.

"At least someone understands. Thanks Candy." Donovan's eyes twinkled. He leaned on one of his other friends and cocked his head to the side. "She sees something good in me. Why can't you, Duran?"

"If she sees something good in you, her contacts must be pretty dry." One of Donovan's friends, Ricky Garnett said.

I laughed. It was idiotic, but I still found it slightly humorous.

Donovan smile was frosty. "Cute." He punched Ricky lightly on the arm and walked away.

Ricky seemed to have touched a nerve in the egotistic Aidan.

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