Just Under the Surface

I loved you as living proof

That I could want someone real in more than my eyes

Who won't let me OD on "seductive" perfume

She follows you down the hallway

Blathering about pretty boys with pointed ears

Before a book slams an aging textbook against the floor

In memory of a girl

He dated before the book was printed

Yet his palpitating heart will never go on

Despite his incredible maturity

Why must you have such stupid friends?

You seem too good to follow self-proclaimed visionaries

And the skanks who love them

I guess I can't judge

They were my friends too

Until I realized I hated everyone I knew

And was hated in return

Just under the surface

Of shared exes

The same kind of sketchbooks

A wall of freshman girls

And charged flirtation that my glares won't kill

At best, I was afraid to leave

They're all there for each other

When they have nothing better to complain about

Why, now, must you be one of them?

I guess I won't mourn that you are

But be glad that I'm not