Just a Kiss, Just a Murder

I thought I was used to it all

This hopelessness

This imposibility

Then you kissed her

Why the hell did you kiss her?

I know she's your girlfriend

But it still stung

Like Medusa had caught my fiery gaze

And my heart was rapidly transforming to stone

Cutting through my sensibility

Tearing holes in my confidence

Ripping apart my secure shell

You cut me with that kiss you gave her

And now I'm bleeding to death

Failing my pitiful attempts to ignore your existance

It's over; I just can't anymore

It was all as if it were in slow motion

And then I retreated

Before I could truly be shot down

And, to you, it was just a kiss

And, to her, it was just a kiss

But, to me, it was just a murder

To me, it was just the funeral of my limited optimism