What Should I Do?

Another afternoon

Spent shopping at the mall

Gliding on ice by silver prisons

And seeing stories walk right past

However, with this shopping trip

Spent on books, and shoes

Comes a different revelation

That haunts me to this day

At the palace of which I roamed

I saw a common sight

A sight that appeared all around me

But didn't bother me until today

Couples holding hands

Together entwined

Some with different flavors

And some with familiar signatures

Leaning upon each other

Like the world means nothing

The girl gazing at her heavenly prince

The boy staring back with a wolfish grin

Some moving with a rhythmic tune

In perfect harmony and key

Others drifting like a piece of draft wood

But still clinging with a strong death grip

Seeing how they move together

Observing their many roles

Sometimes the girls are the worshippers

Other times the boys are the sacrifices

It's as if this is all a ritual

Of ascending from childhood

Young boys who have just turned 13

Testing their make out skills in shoe stores

And young girl with budding chests

Flaunting their maturity

Both with their body, and their beauty

But most especially with their college boyfriend

But not just in reality

I see this lively pattern

On book covers, magazines

Heck, even Starbuck ads

I see a rugged yet perfect man

Embracing an innocent beauty

As if he would hand his life to her on a silver platter

Just to hear those three little words

And on TV shows I see how expressive

A teenager's love can be

Who knew that if you slept with your best friend's boyfriend,

You would end up in the Ohio river?

On movies I see all kinds of ironies

With different characters and plots

Two people who hate each other get married

Only to find out they were in love all along

And I as glance upon these sights

With every corner that I turn

Whether it be on cable, or the newspapers

Or even in my school's bathroom

I look at how they react

When they see each other in their eyes

What they have seems so precious

A treasure worth dying for

And I wonder how it feels

To look at someone in that way

Whom you've always used to look at

But now see them differently

Is love really an emotion?

Is that how you can tell?

Or is it lust and emotion,

Coupled with respect and admiration?

Do you really hear a bad soundtrack?

When the audience sees your loved one

Do they really walk in slow motion

And flip their hair always to the right

Do you end up happily ever after?

Married with six kids

Or do ride off into the sunset

With your prince's arms around you

Is the guy supposed to be the hero?

And be the one to save the day

And should the girl always be helpless

Or innocent or just flat-out insane?

Should the guy respect the girl?

And love her for who she is

Not caring about how she looks

Just as long as she's good and true

And must the girl be the nursemaid?

The one to love him no matter what

If he cheats, hurts, or rapes her

Is she required to love him back?

And are there always happy endings?

For two mismatched individuals

If a Cyborg falls in love with an Alien

Are they still America's Cutest Couple?

Do people stay together

No matter how old or difficult things get

If they say "forever" do they mean forever?

Or is it just something that you have to say

What of emotions?

Yes, what of those?

Are we see suppose to know what they are?

Just because everybody else seems to

When we meet someone should we care about them?

Or throw them all away

Once they're worn out and boring

Like some pathetic preschool toy

Should we be attracted to them?

Or just go out to save public face?

Everybody is doing it

So why don't you?

Are we supposed to pick and choose?

The people we come to love

Should we only marry our own kind

Even if we care for another

And if genders acts so differently

When they think that they like you

Should they tease you and push you around

Or give you flowers that they picked?

And if you're dating and you have hormones

Are you supposed to give in to them?

Or do the consequences seem insignificant

In comparison to your lover rejecting you

Are these the questions that are meant to be asked?

Whenever you start a relationship?

Or is there so much more to learn about

That we don't even know

In truth, I don't what love is

Whether it be for family or for friends

I know what it's like care

But love is a different thing

I know that it's not simple

And it never will be

But still I cannot help it

Whenever a young couple passes me by

Wondering what their emotions are

And their true intentions

Am I supposed to know and recognize them?

I guess I'll have to wait and see