You told me you're feeling smothered
Does that mean I should remove the pillow
Pushed down over your mouth; stifling screams?
You once told me the ring made you entrapped
Should I stop your electro-shock?
Should I marry you over again?
How can you press restart every time I die?

Entrapped in this circle you painted in blood
Locked inside this cage of free will
But I'm free no more
And I'll fear no more
I can't run anymore
It's not just the ring that binds us
Its the killing spell power of a heartbeat

Leave us to our own
Own us in your spare time
We'll work it out
You say we'll be fine
No other choice but waiting
How can you press restart every time I die?

Now its little hands that lie in mine
I was so used to your shoulder blade pillow
Now the crick in my neck is my design
You were so used to warmth of a heartbeat
So you cut your wrists to warm a cold night
You called me "soul-mate" and never left my grip
Your hand has softened and moved on
Well we're here left tears bleeding

Entrapped in this world I fell into
Locked inside this cage of responsiblity
And I'm free no more
But I can't fear anymore
There's no where to run to now
It's not a symbol that binds us
Its a stone six feet above you

How can I press restart now that you have died?
How did you manage to do it to me?

Every time I was down-and-out you came round-about
You threw another problem at me
Just to keep me alive and looking at the light
Did you intend your death to paint an avenue?
Just so you know, both your boys miss you greatly

Our boy is now a man and he has a love
He still comes over to make sure I'm breathing
He still loves me the way we knew he always would
I'm stronger now than I used to be
Yet I'm still nothing without you
I still kiss your mirror every day
I hope you feel it where ever you are

How can I press end, when I want to see you again?