Of fluffy clouds and radiant sun,

Crystal rain like teardrops do run.

Shimmering grass and cooling breeze,

No greying cities disturbing the trees.

The way One always meant it to be,

Then Hell's soldiers; human like me.

Tore it all down; choking it to death,

Until it let go of it's final breath.

A gift that grew too much for One's control,

The World's dignity is what Man stole.

Human got so good that it went bad,

All forgetting what they could of had.

But no ones mistake goes unpunished,

In the world that Human blemished.

Machines of Sin and Rain of Hate,

Reasons none will reach Heaven's gate.

The Demon named Human took it all,

Never predicting it'd be his fall.

The creation abandoned Man,

Washed it all away to start over again.

The Demon named Human, One did create.

A Monster masked as a Saint.

Hide behind the overrated lie,

The Demon named Human must die.

The Demon will die.