Optional Orbit

It doesn't take death for me to cry;
Just being away,
For too many miles,
In silent thoughts, and ink dried dreams,
Underneath a blanket of soaked wet tears,
I am still sobbing
- In between the sheets…

It doesn't take death for I won't cry;
Just holding my breath,
For so many times,
While drowsy nights burn black hole stars,
Underneath the cover of whispering charms,
I am still bleeding
- From my weeping heart…

It doesn't take death for I won't cry;
Just moving my space,
One step at the time,
Through moonless skies, and cracking suns,
Underneath hazy dust of lingering dawns,
I'm still falling in
- Drops from rainy clouds…

It doesn't take death, for me to cry:
My being away,
For just a little while,
Make believe days, and fantasy nights,
Underneath the worn veil of laughter inside,
I probably will,
And am loving (s-)'till
- Death of thousand lights…