You may see it as justifiable

I don't

I know better

You may see the world

But all I see are the people in it

Too afraid

Too cautious

Stumbling over words

That are meant to be okay

There are things

That you don't understand


That trouble you

The truth is an alien

Sent to mislead you

But you never saw

The ship

It was there

The perfection for perfections sake

The trickery and the noise

Pathetic, one may say so

But all I see is blood and bone

I see white light

Sent to blind you

I see people

Ready to kill

Guns and Roses

The music in the background

But also the cruel methods

The graffiti suddenly makes sense

It illuminates you

The slogans that are pasted

Illegally are suddenly real

You've stepped into a world

In so much despair


The concept is now only in dreams

You see what you've done

The poverty of the average person

What the adolescent sees

You suddenly want to be crying

To go back and change everything

But the words stop you

They hate you

We all hate you

You're a liar

You're a thief

You've taken us apart

And you've thrown is into death

We are in despair

So fuck you

And make sure you read it again

Because you are to cold

To take every slogan in