It came, this ancestor of a dragon, on great oiled, resilient, striding legs; its taloned feet clawing damp earth, leaving fatal footprints, brush strokes of death. One of God's greatest creatures towered over the men in an age unfamiliar, an age too glorious and too pure to be inhaled by frail lungs. Frighteningly beautiful was this thing; first the curving scythe of a tail, pebbled skin rough and glinting through the wet leaves, and then the graceful, terribly broad back merging into its snake neck coiled, so delicately, and the vicious snout, snorting, smelling, snuffling, savoring fear. Each tooth bared was long and curving and dangerous in its own right—together spelling death in a neat row of glistening yellow-white. Up, up, up the hunters gazed in awe and in gruesome fascination at the massive brute, far too poised and balanced for its ten tons. Down, down, down, the beast gazed upon the men, with a death grin curling its leathery lips; with its eyes…empty of all expression save hunger. The eyes were everything and forever all at once, flinty gold and great black pupils like fierce forks of lightning, flaunting the secretive smirk of all predators. Twitching by its sides were its delicate watchmaker's claws, its two delicate arms entwined with thick ropes of muscle. It was a ton of sculptured stone, a flawless epitome of snapping grace and sinewy power, a marble masterpiece beyond the fine chisel of Michelangelo, beyond the grasp of mankind. This was Tyrannosaurus rex.

Um. I can explain. This was a hw assignment based off of one of Ray Bradbury's stories, if I'm not mistaken. I posted it here...because I can. Not to mention the fact that I like to spam.