I Fly Away I lay on the ground, looking up at the sky, I say to myself "I wish I could fly", I live in a world full of darkness, of hatred, In this world, my gifts are not appreciated, I want to fly away from this hell, I want to go somewhere to make me well, As I lie on the ground I dream of flying away, I grew wings that would forever stay, My wings grew from my back like beams of light, I stretched them long and wide to take flight, I fly away into a sky so blue, I feel as if I know just what to do, I go to a place where people love those for who they are, Not what they do, their lifestyle, or their car, I live there in a happily ever after, This is what really matters, Then I wake up, my dream is ruined, I stand up and feel the cool wind, I realize I can't have whatever I please, I begin to cry and fall to my knees, This life is horrible, but I'll just have to bear, Until I can return to my dream, and soar through the air.