Ship's captain, master o'er ocean's tides. Harbor fair well, for that big ocean I must abide. Upon rising crest I see sinking nymph; in the depths: a life dimming. All hands to deck, anchor flung aloft; Lines cast overboard for nymph we sought. Called I by plea some words of hope, Within my hardened heart the mind o'er long groped: "Give thou not into the waters, oh maiden fair! Be yet of hopeful mind, for thy life is now my care!" Such the words courageous and encouragement giving of The Captain Brave and True could be heard of all on deck as well as The Maiden Fair who was sinking for third the last time to rise not again as waves were just to engulf her life…. And then it happened… Rescue was found and thereby life sustained. These words of The Maiden Fair were later found in a journal of hers many the passing of years later… "Rescued! Once so alone, bitterly alone and forsaken -- So cold and chilled within -- Upon Life's Seas tossed was I -- Flung from the sailing vessel that had in days before -- Had protection and comfort offered me -- Now swirling waters about to engulf me -- Trying to lay hold to last breaths of mine -- I was struggling, struggling within waters so bone chilling cold -- Was almost lifeless, so numb, so numb, can't hardly feel a thing -- Then you entered my life -- As an angel unseen -- Was just about to go under for third the last time -- Then I felt it -- A warm hand -- Reaching into the waters -- Grabbing my hand giving me to feel the life of another -- Immediately a tingling from your body warmth as it Touched that icy hand so bitterly cold of mine -- Oh! Rescued I am -- For you in another vessel was given to sail -- You heard my cries now growing ever faint -- Immediate action you took -- With one hand you grabbed my hand -- With another a Life Preserver you flung over me. -- Hope barely surviving within -- Yet now growing stronger -- With one last ditch effort -- I grabbed on to that preserver -- Your voice of encouragement I heard -- Hang On! -- Help is on the way -- Attaching a line to pull me up and out and into the safety of your vessel -- Warmth and rest were aboard that sailing vessel of yours -- Life's Seas ever tossing and swirling -- But now safe -- Rescued!"

So it was that just as all hope was about gone that, The Maiden Fair was given to be Rescued! by The Captain Brave and True…. -----The Maiden Fair was now aboard the sailing vessel, with only the clothes on her back, all treasures of her past left far behind, so cottony gauzy thin an ivory white petticoat, reaching to her ankles with bare feet peering out from slight the ruffle… The howling wind of a Storm of the distant horizon began to blow so fiercely making the swirling waters so choppy the ship though great began to sway! The Captain, Brave Man and True called to his Trusty Crew, "Retrieve for me the blanket in my private chest and quick, a pot of warm tea while the Ship is made readied for this Storm that soon it seems is about to overtake us." In moments flat the Maiden Fair wrapped in a blanket of great heirloom quality, so comforting, while holding onto cup of warm orange spiced the tea. "Ahh, so warm and sweet the tea," thot The Maiden Fair. And though the Stormy winds began to gather with fingers as it were coming down from sky with bolts of lightening and thunder on every side… yet still the Maiden Fair had found her rest and peace flooded the gates of her soul. -----The Maiden Fair was slowly gaining inner warmth from bone chilling cold of great the waters plunge by supping so hungrily the tea so warm and strength providing when she became acutely aware that yet it appeared she was in harm's way when the Captain Brave and True thrust at her a life preserver and told her to ready herself for great was the Storm that was to soon be upon them…. The Captain gave orders to his Trusty Crew to check all main lines, the sails, the life boats… The Storm clouds were rolling in, so thunderous darker than deepest the black of night with cracks of bolts of lighting piercing deeper than any shrieking noise nature had ever given any of them to experience, cutting asunder any of their thots and griping their hearts so that all were given to stop in their tracks and make hasty prayer. All hands on deck and faithful they toiled with back breaking effort that all be saved. Strange how in the midst of it all, the darkest clouds, the piercing cracks of lighting bolts, well, how strange it was for not a drop of rain from the heavens had fallen. Faster and faster the dark clouds came to where the clouds had too seeming as The Maiden Fair been given to come aboard, well it seeded the clouds and the Storm too wanted to be aboard. The waters churning and great sailing vessel swaying with bellows of Captain shouting out orders while all continued to toil doing all that each straining muscle so taunt could withstand. Then it happened, the fingers of clouds pulled themselves within the very darkest cloud and then…. and then… and then… preparing for the worst, the most unbelievable for the clouds let release of the greatest downpour of flying and soaring of Seagulls so vast their numbers that in the thousands of hundreds of thousands they numbered, chasing dark clouds away as golden sun on the distant horizon was given to set cradled in waters now so gently rippling, caressing last rays of a day that had known so much…

As the golden sun was sinking into the cooling waters of eveningtide, the great sailing vessel came at last into the peaceful port. Piers like fingers reaching out into the vastness of the rippling waters seem to give, "Welcome, Ahoy!" to the Captain Brave and True, His Trusty Crew and The Maiden Fair. Anchors are let down into the waters, the ship made secure. It takes awhile before all their land feet are found when walking along the seashore with Seagulls soaring overhead, the ones who chased dark Storm clouds away. When all of a sudden the Maiden Fair cries out, "I hear it!" The Captain Brave and True cannot for the life of him make out what has just been said. Again, can be heard, "I hear it! Don't you hear it?" "Hear What? Maiden Fair" "Why the call of the Laughing Seagull!" Captain thinks Maiden Fair must have surely have taken in too much of the waters great that day in passing, shakes his head and smiles. With her bare feet feeling the sandy shore, getting wet and splashing in the waves, The Captain Brave and True, in his black leather boots, rather walks the sandy shore a few feet distant from the lapping of the waters great upon the shoreline vast. Then it was they came upon some rocks smooth polished by the waves. Of all the rocks just a few seem to beckon, "Pick me up and give it me a toss across the waters great." A rock goes skip-skip-skip before plunging into the depths so deep. Then it is the ripples circling that can be noticed going outward. Repeating over and over again, these circular ripples, picking up the golden hues as sun is setting. Soon night comes on. The moon comes out as the Captain and The Maiden continue to walk the sandy shore do they when every once in awhile another rock seems to call out, "Pick me up and toss me far." The ripples continue on in deepest night unseen, yet their circular rings rippling can be heard harmonizing with the washing of the waves to the shore. Then it is they sit upon the banks of the shore. A fire of driftwood has been gathered and started while fish caught are slowly grilling. With cliffs of mountains towering heavenwards to their backs, waiting on a new morn arising. Lap-lap-lap is the sound of the waves, cooling is the air of night and a sweater pulled a little closer by the Maiden Fair with her thots in humble thanks that the Captain Brave and True was given to keep a few extra clothes aboard. The Maiden Fair is then given to think how it is that times in life there are when those few persons stand out in her life. Just as those rocks that call out, somehow there are a few we pick up, hold for moments passing then hold not onto, rather toss them out across the waves of daily living. The ripples created are many are like the after affects of having held the rocks so brief and then letting go. While in the process gaining more, learning more, experiencing more. Like all the many formed ripples. "Ahh sweet the pleasures of walking the sandy shores of the waters great," considers The Maiden. Then too, it is the Maiden Fair muses, there are a very few persons who are more so liken to the polished stone that seems to say, "Don't fling me out across the waters great." That is the one treasure that the Maiden Fair now has, for all others left far behind on a sailing vessel from whence she was flung into cold icy waters. Liken to the newly forming friendship with the Captain Brave and True, this stone is not tossed, rather held on to for always remembering a time when that warm hand of a Captain Brave and True, into icy waters reached and grabbed onto that almost deadened to the world hand, "As for the third time the Maiden Fair was sinking to rise no more."

It was by moonlight, deep in the night, that the meal of fish from the campfire by the Waters Great was partaken of and in quiet talk The Captain and The Maiden shared till first hint of a dawn a new. It was then that the Captain Brave and True made comment to the Maiden Fair, "How fair Thy morning or Thy day's breaking? Fair, I trust, for 'tis the providence of the fair to receive beauty in all things." -----Thots many came to mind of the Maiden Fair, why Yes, the weather, of course smile then too, of a thot she was given remembrance that, " ...whatsoever things are lovely…to Think on these things." A passage learned long, long ago. The more morning came into its own, the more the Maiden Fair was given to think upon. "Seeker of beauty Are you one fair or unjust If fair, beauty found" -----The Maiden Fair continued on in thinking, HOW FAIR THY MORNING or THY DAY'S BREAKING? In the sense of, Is morning fair (Pleasant) or is it a day that is breaking (bringing heartache and sorrow). Then too so many more the thots, numbering numerous as liken to the Seagulls, continued to wash her mind, giving health renewal. Yes, it was that this day was fair, was pleasant and not one that was breaking and sorrowful bringing. Such the Fair Day it was… so pleasant indeed. -----The Captain Brave and True, while casting smooth the rocks polished by many the decades in passing of white-capped tossing waves of water, washing them, turning them by ways of nature's force to turn them from the rough and ragged quality likened to burlap to the sensuous quality of silk so lavish, stopped in the middle of a toss and to the Maiden Fair he turned, making comment, "Pray at least the Zephyrs be gentle today and not turn cleansing rainfall into toiling gale." -----Ah Yes thot the Maiden Fair, glancing about at dewy mist, rolling in from the horizon of the distant shore. Already the feel of the air had a change in it, a little heavier, filled with moisture, as approaching so slowly was the newly forming clouds signally an approaching Storm. It seemed the more The Maiden Fair was in the presence of the Captain Brave and True the more she was given to think upon and said these words to him, "Soil parched - earth dry... Gentle Rains bring refreshment... A Season of GrowthSoul thirsting - longing... For a touch like gentle rain... To cleanse, heal, make wholeSoil of Soul within... Your spirit like gentle rain... Down pouring drenchingMarvelously made wet... Fulfilled - Quench satisfied... The rain and it s bowSoil of Soul withi... Satisfied when thirst quenched... Enabled to grow"

While the Great Sailing Ship that had come into the busy Sea Port was docked, the Trusty Crew was busily unloading cargo from its hulls. This vessel had traveled many seaworthy miles, weathering many a Storm and in the last miles of its present voyage had taken the time to rescue The Maiden Fair from a sure drowning. The Captain Brave and True kept daily the happenings all jotted down in his journal and while the next afternoon attending the business of his trade, he left among his personal items his journal on the blanket that had provided so much the comforting warmth in those first moments of her rescue and what seemed just a bit later on within her to become a Life Re-born. She was no longer the same, The Maiden Fair, since meeting the Captain Brave and True. He gave her to know that she could go into the Portside Town or stay at her leisure by the shore. She choosing rather to stay as he went his way with the promise of return. He had matters to attend to and she would be safe. The first hours of that early afternoon found her collecting shells of the seaside. So many that to her heart's content she gathered them, caressing them and feeling of all their delicate curves and shapes. With the day wearing on and filled with the warming scent of the seaside scents. "Ahh the air so fresh and clean," The Maiden thot as she wandered back to the blanket. Again she thot, such the heirloom quality and desired to know if there were a story behind the creating of this masterpiece… Then it was she was drawn to The Captain's journal. So worn its leather cover, pages a bit tattered along the edges from The Captain's constant manhandling of it, seemed he was ever noting something within its pages yellowed with age. "Twas not another book to be had. Not thinking she reached for it and found within these words, "Save Me!"

SEE: SAVE ME, A lover mourns for the angel he once had, issuing prayers up to her in hopes of joining her in heaven. (Loosely based on the song To Where You Are) Poetry " Love - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 265 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 5-28-05 - Published: 5-28-05 © Copyright 2005 Muirandrid Endomiel (FictionPress ID:423239). All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of Muirandrid Endomiel. Used by permission.

Then suddenly The Maiden Fair realized what she had done, gasping, she quickly closed the journal belonging to The Captain Brave and True. To pry into the life of another had never been her style. She asked only that another share what they desired for her to know. Oh no! had she not intending violated the privacy of One who had given her so much? She knew on The Captain's return, first words spoken would be those giving him to know. To keep any such mater a secret was not of her ways. She would trust him to understand… It was then a Seagull flew overhead and its presence gave her a nudge of reassurance that all was not lost. -----…and so with a heaped up a newly forming collection of seashells on a corner of the blanket, The Maiden Fair was given to lie down and one by one fingering the shells she soon drifted off to slumber…. How long a time that had passed was difficult to tell, the constant lapping gently of the waves to shore had such the lulling affect that when briefly she would awaken she then in turn quickly drifted back into slumber. It seemed so long a time since she had really had true rest in her life. Before being fatefully flung from that sailing vessel, flung and cast away to be no more by The Captain Depraved and Deceitful, she had known torment and despair, had known bondage and lashings. Her ribs under her heart still ached from a pain now dulled by time from a kicking he once gave her…… -----THEN it was a crackling noise that startled her and from restful sleep she bolted wide awake! Her heart pounding only to hear soft and gentle words of the voice now so familiar, the voice of the Captain Brave and True. Maiden Fair, do not be troubled, it is only me and back as promised. That crackling noise, I am dreadfully sorry it started you so. It is just from the fire that is newly blazing to take away the chill of eveningtide. It was then The Maiden Fair caught the scent of such delight her mouth watering so that she knew she could not possibly be dreaming. "For you, well, for us! Pizza I have brought from the Portside Town," said The Captain and he continued, "Come Maiden Fair and let us dine." It was then that The Maiden Fair, remembering about the journal pages read and in tears cried, "Oh I have to tell you, and I … I … I am so so so sorry…I did not mean to pry and and sob please don't hate me, and then OH!" and clutching her ribs that ached when sobs would shake her body and pain of the previous kicking came into being once again… "Maiden Fair! What? Is it? What could you possibly have done to cause all this upset?" asked The Captain Brave and True and taking her in arms gentle he comfort provided her. "Shh Shh, tell me, what …..??" With courage summoned she told of how she happened across the writings of his journal. "Ah, is that all that has happened?" he replied and taking his hand and with a hint of a smile coming to his face and a hand outstretched, he wiped the tears from her face. "Maiden Fair don't you know that an open book it is my life?" For a moment she could not take it in, his words spoken, for instead of anger and lashings she was … she was receiving a pardon? "Come! Maiden Fair the pizza is getting cold and now we can't possibly have that and besides I have a gift for you." "A gift? For me? But you've already saved my life from surest drowning and then…" "Shh!! Maiden Fair" and with that he gave to her a package. "Open it!" …and doing so she found a basket. "Yes, thot what with all your treasure finding a basket would be most ideal. Don't think I haven't tried to take hold of your hand only to find that smooth polished stone. Maybe you will set it down in the basket long enough to…….." and with that the words he was speaking trailed off and rather reaching for the box of pizza. "Here, half is extra fiery hot with peppers for me and the other half a bit on the milder side for thee." It was mid way through the meal when the Maiden Fair remembering yet another activity of the afternoon she partook of and going over to the tree nearby that providing shade, she bringing back to The Captain Brave and True….. "SURPRISE!" joyfully The Maiden Fair said to the Captain Brave and True. In deepest seashells that she had gathered was there to be had of all delights, mulberries, the freshest of fruit like sweet wine from the vine. "Yes, there is a mulberry tree not far from here growing up on that bank just over a ways." With that The Maiden Fair picked up a few of the berries and touched them upon the lips of the Captain Brave and True and when he had swallowed she gave to him more as night came on with the driftwood fire crackling merrily. "Oh, by the way Maiden Fair I think you missed something. Take another look in the basket." And there she found……of all things….. a brand new hair brush!

"…a hair brush? I don't say that I fully understand," said The Maiden Fair to The Captain Brave and True. "I mean I know I have been taking this time to pull myself back together once again, to heal, and recover from near drowning but……." and with that the Captain Brave and True handed her his journal. Here take this and read, this page here. There on a page worn thin The Maiden Fair found these words, and as the driftwood seaside fire continued to crackle giving glowing warmth as a New Morning was on the horizon about to break through the shadows of that long night she considered the meaning to these words, ""My Hairbrush"

SEE: THE HAIRBRUSH A man takes a woman home from the bar. After their night of love, his life (and especially his hairbrush's life) changes... Poetry » Love - Fiction Rated: T - English - Poetry/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 580 - Reviews: 0 - Updated: 5-29-05 - Published: 5-29-05 © Copyright 2005 Muirandrid Endomiel (FictionPress ID:423239). All rights reserved. Distribution of any kind is prohibited without the written consent of Muirandrid Endomiel. Used by permission.

As The Maiden Fair concluded reading these words aloud she realized that The Captain Brave and True had gone and done for her that for which she had not found the strength to do yet for herself, and was to go and get that first item of what it would take to start the process of going from a disarrayed existence to becoming all that life had somehow intended for her to be. Reaching over to the Captain, the Maiden gave him an affectionate embrace. She whispering in his ear, "May peace ever attend thee as you so journey. You are liken to the brother that I had not ever had opportunity to have." -----"Tell you what Maiden Fair, you want to travel on with me? I've taking a liking to you much as I do my sisters." "Well," replied the Maiden, "if you wouldn't mind my journeying onward with thee I would so appreciate it. I haven't any money to pay my way," and with that the Captain could not help himself as a chuckle came from deep within himself. "No Joke, little fish as it were that I fished from Life's Seas!" The Captain Brave and True munched on the last piece of the pizza from the evening before. "Listen, Maiden, how about you make yourself useful o.k.? and tidy up this area that we've camped. I need to go and make sure of the last downloading of the cargo that the Crew is loading on board even now. I want that we should leave in these early hours of morning," "Aye Aye Sir Captain Brave and True," replied the Maiden Fair. With that the Captain Brave and True was off. -----A hair brush! My, I haven't had one of these since…….. since that morning I was flung over board thot The Maiden. Ah surely I must appear to be a wreck of a person. One tie removed from the end of her long braid with the braid let loosened till finding the other tie and with its removal the hair falling and cascading. Soon the new gift gliding through the strands of hair till all tangles removed. Finally swinging her hair over her head as downward she held her head and making first tie a new, then braiding it and finishing with the second tie. A few strands unfurling about her ears and forehead. With that she then started clearing the camp. Taking the new basket and lovingly filling it with so many the Treasures gathered. The seashells of afternoon by the sea, her new hair brush of course, and ah Yes, the polished stone from first evenings walk along the shoreline. Then picking up the blanket, shaking all sand from it and folding it gently she placed it by the basket. -----Many were the ships of that Portside Town yet sailing in as others where leaving with sails set and heading out into the waters deep.

Early morning hours of the day to once again set sail was drifting on towards mid morning. The camp had been made tidy and all was in order, just as if none had ever been there. Nature was at it's finest with waves washing the shore and the Gulls soaring and flying. Strange thot The Maiden Fair that The Captain Brave and True had not yet returned. She started to walk the sandy shore towards the pier where out at a distance was that great sailing vessel anchored that had brought her safely to this haven. It was then as she was waiting with basket in hand and blanket draped over her arm that one of the Trusty Crew came over to where she was standing. Seems the Captain had learned there was more merchandise than what first was anticipated to have downloaded into the Sailing vessel, that at the next Port of call was to be unloaded. He sending word with a member of his Trusty Crew to give her this word. Ah so that was the situation. It was then that a Family it seemed came walking towards the pier where she stood. Parents with children in tow. The little girl was fussing and crying, "But I want my shells, my shells, my seashells." The Maiden Fair could not help but to overhear. Apparently the child had been promised some seashells and in all of the rush the family had not taken the time to walk the shore and gather the promised treasure of the seashells. Now it was that their ship was about to leave and the child could not comfort be found. She only cried out, "but seashells I was promised…" The Maiden stepped forth and said, "Pardon me I mean not to interrupt but I hear the distress of the child and many shells have I gathered and are here in my basket and am willing to share." Such a blessed relief seemed to wash over the faces of the parents. The Mother replying, "You just don't know what we've been through. We promised our daughter the shoreline walk with the gathering of the shells only needs took us away from being able to make our promise come true." With that the Maiden bent down to the Child and said, "here dry those tears and choose some shells." The Child understanding that this dream of holding the coveted shells she so dearly had longed for was now within her grasp and that she need only reach in and take of the shells. Her crying ceased and when her two little hands were seashell full so too was she to overflowing joyous laughter and giggles. It had seemed such a long many years in passing since the joy of a child The Maiden had heard. The Dad of the family took from his pocket and handing her a couple of bills, saying, "Please keep the change." The Maiden objected and he replying, saying, "No, please… the shells were something promised and now we must leave," and with that they were gone, racing for their ship that was about to set sail. The child turning and with hands full, waving back to her. Not until the Family just met was safely on board and their ship had set sail did she bother to take note of the bills in her hand. Thinking perhaps that a couple of dollars had been bestowed and much to her surprise the bills though they were numbering two, yet each one valuing fifty! "Oh my goodness!" Thot she and turning to the Crew member who was yet within the range of her call she calling to him and giving him a message. "Please, if The Captain returns before I do, please tell him to wait for I am coming yet. It is just the briefest of errands I must now in Port Town attend to." "Certainly will do Lady Fair," replied the member of the Trusty Crew. With that The Maiden wasted no time and headed straight for a sewing shop whose gaily lit neon sign gave her know that sewing notions were there to be had. In no time at all, thread, needles, pins, buttons, shears, an iron, a few yards of fabric were purchased and into her basket cast. Then quickly heading to the coffee shop across the way, made a pound purchase of fresh roasted and ground to perfection Chocolate Raspberry Coffee and some freshly baked cinnamon almond cookies. Strange indeed how this basket of hers could hold all items purchased of that day. Even yet with a bit of room to spare. Heading out of the Coffee Shop she ran head long and Bump! Crash, right smack into the Captain Depraved and Deceitful. For now such a Season of time he had been out of her life and though almost her life she lost because of him yet the only words that came forth were words giving thot to his son's first year near approaching. So cold and hard he was and for a moments few, times past that had not known hurt were briefly recalled. Then each with a turn, departed, going separate ways to never speak again one to the other. That chapter of a time passage was closed, and later that evening when The Captain Brave and True asked her if good dispositions she had had that day… her reply was rather, excellent dispositions. For yes excellently The Captain Depraved and Deceitful had been disposed of from her thots for she knew final words directly spoken to him were not of him or any other matter, only the most uplifting thots for his son. She knew she could go on, harboring no ill feelings or remorse that in years to come would eat at her soul. No, not she for free she was. Free to set sail a new. Then walking towards the pier she met with the Captain Brave and True just as he was leaving out from the local produce market. Seems he had purchased fresh salad greens and fix 'ins and back to the Ship was heading. "Going my way Maiden Fair?" he asked. "My Trusty Crew member gave me word that you would be coming along shortly… and here you are." A warm embrace they momentarily shared. Oh! Huggles Captain Brave and True! Huggles Yes indeed Maiden Fair. "Come, the ship has been readied and only now as the day is quickly closing in are we finally readied to set sail. I really had thot we would have left before noon and here it is almost eveningtide."

As the The Captain Brave and True with The Maiden Fair along side of him were in moments quickly approaching the pier that would lead them to the anchored Sailing vessel, the Trusty Crew were just finishing up loading the last of the cargo, trudging along up the gangway. "Ah!" The Captain exclaimed, "The Zephyr Splendour!" The Maiden Fair replying, "Ah so that it is the name of the Sailing Vessel that brought not only Rescue to my soul that was fleeting oh so quickly but also alas to find a brother dear!" So much were the comings and goings from peoples from all the varied journeys and pathways of the walks of life. Then she heard it, The Laughing Seagull, and gave a tug at the Captain's arm…saying, "there I just heard it again." "What? Maiden did thou hear…" and she replying, "The Seagull that Laughs, I would simply know his laughter anywhere. Remember our first evening that we docked and as we walked the shoreline I spoke just once of him?" Twas a bit of a puzzling look came to the Captain's face and then it was another voice she heard, a voice so familiar that now these many days she had not given thot of what with all the happenings. She turned and turned yet again, and "Wait! There I find a Faithful Friend so dear. SirPauley! It is I, Gracie!" And saying, "Captain, please just a moment longer," and with that a few steps taking and with arms outstretched hungrily reaching for the arms that so oft had protection and comfort provided to her these long many months. "ZeGracie! ZeGracie! My loving Gracie, Oh! And I had thot the worst, that sharks with vicious teeth so sharp had certainly………………. Oh! All glory be! You are safe. I knew it. I just knew it! Oh Seagull Laughing Friend I knew you would bring me to my Gracie once again." With that the Seagull soared and landed atop the main mast of The Zephyr Splendour, with wings as though silvered by the rays golden and pure of the setting sun shone shimmering through them to give radiance beyond expression. "Well, as long as Seagull goes not in the other direction and lands on that… that …. that.. despicable ship that Oh my dear child flung you were from it and not a thing could I do. ZeGracie you are certainly not going that a way are you? For just this afternoon we sailed in and set the anchors…" "No, wise ZeSirPauley I am headed with and oh sorry I should have made the acquaintance. ZePauleySir this is Captain Kai who is Brave and True, who gave to me to know Rescue." With that ZePauley reached out and grabbed hold of the Captain Brave and True, embracing him lovingly as close to his heart he pulled him tenderly with arms that could engulf and give one to know in an instant that deeply they were cared for. "My young man you saved me Gracie? I shall for an eternity and a day hold you in highest esteem." "ZePauley, you know, as how as an uncle you became to me," said The Maiden Fair, "well, Captain Kai here has me brother became." "Well in that case I find I have a nephew a new," made reply of ZePauley. "Welcome to the Family!" The Captain Brave and True knew not quite to make of it all and so he said nothing. "Oh Captain Kai you should know that Faithful Friend Pauley here I met while on Board other Sailing Vessels in passing. The greatest of Friends we became, he and I. Nature lovers at heart, finding Sanctuary in The Great Outdoors. We both so fond of the Woodlands and all their varied Trails." "Oh Gracie we've just met up again and needs truly take me onward. My sweetie whom I hold ever in my most cherished thots, well, word came and so ill she lies that I must leave and now I can go with mind released and at peace for safe you are. Rescued you became. Before I go though, here, I have for you a few of your keepsakes," and with that ZePauley handed to her a box and even before opening it she knew it was her necklace with the token of the carrot golden, an award that in times past ZePauley had given her. "Oh Pauley! you remembered." "Sorry Gracie that only a few items could I grab hold of for right after you were flung overboard your belongings were mostly destroyed, by order of that Captain Depraved and Deceitful. Well, here is a brown paper wrapped package tied with a bit of twine containing a few more of your belongings and truly shortly it is that I must leave but we shall meet again on some Woodland Trail somewhere or on some Sailing Vessel while on Life's Waters Great. This I hold to be of a truth. Now, I trust you will find a few extra morsels of bread crumbs to give to the Laughing Seagull for he is the one that has brought us together this time. A few evenings past he soared over the Ship and I just knew he was one of your Seagull pets most treasured and valued. That laughter of his, there was no mistaken. My eyes may barely be able to see but Ah me ears, they heard the laughter. Right then and there I decided to take over the Ship, follow his laughter and Yes! He brought us to this destination fair. The story is long and only to share that in the midst of all of the fighting's on board, and what is this you now by the name of The Maiden Fair are known? Well, Maiden Fair, you know of the fighting's and bickering and well, The Captain, I got him drunk, it was easy enough don't you know. Then command of the Ship did I take on. Determined to find of your whereabouts if not … if not … lost to the Waters Great. So Laughing Seagull I did faithfully follow and here to PierPort we've at last meet up. That ship now is in horrible disrepair. The carnage has not been removed and bloodied gut and gore is splattered everywhere. The dungeons of the lower level, but then you stayed clear of that area didn't you Maiden Fair?" "Yes, ZePauley I did my utmost to stay clear of that area." "Well, the dungeons have those in chains being daily vamped of their blood. Bones are scattered everywhere. Demons lurk and now I notice that the ravens soar overhead to take of the carnage that is on deck. Say, Captain Brave and True, have you room perhaps for a couple of lambs? Newborn they are and in one last ditch effort I was enabled to get them to my private cabin before any were made any the wiser. They are orphaned, so much the ……………………….. I'll not say more, too much for the Maiden Fair to hear you understand Captain Brave and True?" "Ah Yes, understood," made reply of The Captain. So going to a log atop the pier and removing cooling shade protection of his lightweight flannel shirt, ZePauley untied the ropes that were gently holding in place two little ewes. Well, one an ewe and one a baby he ewe, a ram-ie baby lambie. "Oh ZePauley! How in the world, whatever…?" "Maiden Fair I have not the time to explain," replied ZePauley and, "now Captain, here is what I have, two-twenties and a five. This should be enough to get them some feed from the Port Town. Oh, yes, here take Maiden Fair," and pulling from his satchel two homemade contraptions of bottles. "You know me, when needs arise, trust that I can make do and provide! I've already wired in and my son waits in Port Town by the local Harbour Café. He will be the one driving me to where my love awaits. I must hurry though for so ill she is, the word I've received." With that he unfolded his cane and too soon the quiet tap-tap-tapping of his cane mingled with the sounds of the peoples of the Pier and of the shoreline beauty. For a moments few all was suddenly quiet in the space surrounding The Captain and The Maiden till a Baaa Baaa and a bleh bleh could distinctly be heard while in the nearby distance laughter of the Seagull made way into their thots.

The basket was now full to over flowing what with the addition of the two makeshift baby bottles now placed that from ZePauley's hands received. From these would the lambies have a way to receive nutrition. Then too as well was the box that held contained therein the keepsake necklace placed within the basket. The Captain Brave and True going towards the lambs and making motion to one of his Trusty Crew, a young Lad don't cha know, coming immediately when beckoned. He was the youngest member of the Captain's Trusty crew, the one who mainly ran the personal errands for The Captain, with this Crew member barely a teen who came on board when he had found not a place of comfort in his home and a-run-away he had became. One evening in a seaport town he had stolen away on The Zephyr Splendour and not till many seaworthy miles away from shore did The Captain come to know that he was aboard. By then it was too late to turn back and that incident of first meeting was by now a couple of years back in passing. Word was wired to the Lad's home and seemed it was that relieved he was gone by those claiming to be the Lad's family. Broke the Captain's heart how family chooses not to give compassionate care of others that in their providence bestowed. It was then and there The Captain Brave and True took the young Lad as his own. The Lad came running and breathlessly exclaimed, "Ah Captain what have we here? Lambs I do perceive by the sounds of things." "Yes Lad, lambs numbering two and now if you will take these fresh produce bundles from me and run on up ahead. Give the bundles to Cook, then go to that small cabin just across the hallway from mine, you know the one it is, the cabin just on the other side of yours. Well, please go and prepare the cabin for Lady Fair here will be our guest, staying in that room." "Aye Aye Sir Captain," and the Lad was off and running in amongst the crowds gathered on the pier. -----The Captain Brave and True so eagerly went to the lambs and pulled them ever close, taking the flannel shirt and tossing it over his shoulder. Their little wobblely legs barely sustaining their weight. What ever in the world could have happened pondered the Captain that lambs such as these…. Ah so warm and cuddly they were there in the last rays of sun as majestically it was finding it's rest once again, cradled in the gentle lapping of the waves was the sun setting as the lambs were being cradled gently in the loving arms of The Captain Brave and True. Taking the ropes holding them so gently secure and saying, "Maiden Fair, I do believe we yet shall leave this Port Town and Pier before midnight for on morning arising I had said this day we were to set sail and set sail we will, yet this day!" A chuckle could be heard for angered he was not for this delay, for of all things Lambs had he just been given. The Maiden following closely The Captain and making way at last to The Zephyr Splendour. This time her arrival so different than when first taken aboard. It wasn't till actually on board and taking note of one of the Life Preservers that all the memories came flooding back. The painful hurting memories of … and in an instant it seemed all memories painful and hurtful were no longer, washed away they had in moments twinkling became for there was so much that must right now be attended to, to be accomplished, to have all readied to set sail within less than hours five.

"Lady, Lady, Lady Fair, Come Lady Fair your room has been made readied," said of the Lad so youthful. The Maiden hesitated for a moment for much was the work that needed to be attended to. The Captain taking note of her said, "run along now Maiden Fair, all is well and my Trusty Crew will have all readied in less than two shakes of a lamb's tail, oh and do pardon the pun!" With that a Baaa Baaa and a bleh bleh could loudly be heard. grin The Captain looping the ropes securing the Lambs tossed over and knotted around one of the poles that the sails were attached to. "That ought to hold you lambies till I doth make return." Baaa Baaa bleh bleh Baaa Baaa bleh bleh Baaa!! could be heard down the hallway where The Maiden was being shown her room. In the doorway of her room she stood stock still for never had she imagined how truly lovely it would be. Last time taken aboard she had remained on deck, huddled in the blanket and supping warm tea. This room was simplicity at its best. Done in warm, dark paneling of cherry wood with black lacquered furniture consisting of a small roll top desk, a long low dresser and a bed adorned in furnishings of richest colors of spice, golds, blacks and browns. A rocking chair of oak wood in one corner. A velvety plush rug on the hardwood floor was so luxizerious woven in woolen threads of golds and blacks. On a tray laden with a couple of mugs setting centered on a 3 ft. tall refrigerator that too was fashioned with cherry wood paneling so as to appear more liken to a piece of furniture sat an automatic drip coffee maker. "Oh and Lady Fair, here, just open this door here," said the Lad and there a bathroom private awaited. So sleek and beautiful it was, done completely in whites. The thickest of white terry towels and a hamper filled with soaps and the like. -----It was as The Maiden was heading for her room she could hear the Captain giving orders to three of his Trusty Crew members to come with him for now in to Port Town they must go to obtain the needed items for the keeping of the Lambs. With four of them leaving on this errand, they should all the sooner return. The Captain remembering that bales of hay were in the market of fresh produce sold as well. Then The Captain turning to Cook made request that a midnight supper be prepared with the thot this meal would be taken away from where the Pier anchored they were and rather as they began sailing anew. "Aye, Aye Captain was Cook's reply," and he hurriedly turned to venture to the galley. So much to attend to, all the latest food supplies to be placed in proper order and the lite meal made readied. -----Mean while the Lad was asking, "Lady Fair, is there any need that is not prepared for you?" "No, dear Lad as it is I am so astounded to the very completeness that this room offers. Now, perhaps to the Lambs thou should attend thyself. I will be along shortly. First though here take," and a couple of the cinnamon almond cookies gave she to the Lad stating, "this should hold you perhaps till dinner?" As the Lad left, munching away hungrily of the cookies, The Maiden unpacked her treasures. The brown paper wrapped bundle that was twine rope tied she set on the bed. Now was not the time to open this package. The boxed necklace atop the roll top desk was placed. Ah! The bottles two, these she placed on the rocking chair for nearest the door it was, a reminder to take these with her. The blanket of heirloom quality she placed over the rail of the rocking chair. How handy all the neat and tidy compartments within the desk, just right for storing all the items for sewing. The coffee gourmet pound package and balance of the cookies purchased, was it just this very afternoon she thot that these purchases made? So much had happened that it seemed 3 or 4 days were contained in that one long afternoon. Anyhow, the coffee and cookies from that afternoon onto the tray with the coffee mugs placed. In the very center of the long low dresser her seashells placed and in amongst them the one smooth polished stone by the waves of water was lovingly placed…. So many were her treasures that brought only memories fond into her thots. Again she recalled that passage learned from her youth, "…whatsoever things are lovely…think on these things." Then picking up the hair brush with one hand and in the other hand placing the now emptied basket just by the roll top desk. Going into the bathroom and placing the hair brush atop the counter with a sink shaped in the style of a large shell contained. She could hear the blehing and Baaaing of the lambs. As much as she craved a shower, the Lambs she thot more needed her attention. Picking up the bottles two along with one of the cookies she headed down the hallway and there on deck…..

….. stood The Laughing Seagull on the railing of the deck while as a short distance away in amongst some ropes thrown on deck in an almost tucked away corner under some eaves that were overhanging a shelter that when a door opened within it one found themselves facing steps that went downstairs into the galley and other areas of The Zephyr Splendour there was to be found another seagull, perhaps his mate for bits of twigs and long soft grasses were those items she had in her beak and seemed to be forming a nest of sorts. "Oh Laughing Seagull!" And taking bits of the cookie in her hand and tossing them up into the air the Laughing Seagull made quick flutter of his wings still silvered appearing in the glow as sun was in the distance taking its time in settling in for eveningtide and Swoop! And Soaring he caught the bit of cookie from the toss of The Maiden Fair's hand. A few more bits of cookie tossed one bit at a time and always the Swoop! And Soaring and the catching of the morsels of sweet goodness. Maiden Fair glancing over at the seagull now nesting appearing to be, tossed ever so gently a few bits of the cookie in her direction with the morsels landing just along side her to where only she had to stretch out her neck and into her beak the goodness consumed. It was then once again the laughter of the Laughing Seagull could be heard. "Ah Laughing Seagull, such one of the magnificent of nature's blessings, such goodness created and a joy to hear," breathed these words so quietly The Maiden Fair and yet perhaps more loudly than she had anticipated for the Lad called out desiring to know what Lady Fair was saying… "Ah Lad I was just breathing more a prayer of Thanksgiving for the blessings bestowed upon all of Creation when in moments passing Seagulls were found to have life flowing through them so that Swoop! And Soar they might be so enabled to do." "Ah Yes Fair Lady and what make you of those bottles in your hand? Are you going to bottle feed the Seagulls as well?" With that question soft laughter formed within the Maiden and she making reply, "how about you show me the way to the galley so as we can rustle up some nutrition for the lambs?" The Lad joyfully springing to his feet and so quick he was that the lambs he had been petting gave a bit of a start and blehing and Baaaing could once again be heard. "Hmm," thot the Lad, "little spoiled we are here aren't ewe little lambies?" "Lady Fair right here, this door," and opening it he lead Lady Fair down a flight of steps, proceeding down a hallway that leading to double doors, when going through the doors and finding a dinning area with double doors at the other end leading to the kitchen she was told of by the Lad. A gentleman stood going through packages and bundles, sorting and placing items from one of the long dinning tables to some shelving just on the other side of the double doors, when The Maiden Fair asked of the Lad, "is this who The Captain names as Cook?" "Indeed Yes Lady Fair…""Excuse me Sir Cook but I need to implore of you for nutrition is required to be received into these bottles for the feeding of Lambs that The Captain has taken on board." "Lambs! Lambs? What? Lambs are in need of bottle feeding? Well, I shall be right back," and going beyond the second set of double doors into the kitchen and returning with cans of condensed milk. "This should do I should think. It is really all that is to be had that for such a purpose you make request." "Thank You Sir Cook, appreciation have I for you." With that the Lad and Lady were soon making their way back up on deck, when on leaving a bit of a questioning mumble could be heard of from Cook. "What? I am now to be one providing meals to Lambs? Well I suppose it is all in a life…. Come to think of it I do have a recipe for Lamb…" with that comment the Lad exclaimed, "NO! We no eat Lambs, not the Captain…" "What? Cook replied, No eat Lambs just feed Lambs…" and sighing as he continued to going through packages and bundles, sorting and placing items from one of the long dinning tables to some shelving just on the other side of the double doors….

Back up on deck the evening air was feeling a definite delectable coolness after the heat of that long and tiring day. Only a sliver of the sun remained in the sky and in seconds soon the sliver of it too would have set. Already a few stars were beginning to come out in the sky of night to play. "Lad you haven't a can opener have you?" asked The Maiden. "Well Yes I have, in my room." "Great! I am going to my room. Go and get the opener and join me briefly in my room." Rushing to the Lady Fair's room and stopping long enough to give briefest knock and entering when bided he noticing she was shaking one of the cans. "Here hand me please the opener Lad and hmm now don't want to spill any of this…." Pouring the liquid about half full into each bottle…. And still enough left for yet another feeding I do believe the Maiden thot. Placing the left over liquid into the refrigerator and filling the remaining space in the bottles with water. "This ought to do it and here Lad you take and shake this bottle and let us go and fed those lambs!" The Lad and Lady each pulling a lamb close and when they took but a sniff of the liquid they eagerly opened their mouths to take in and suck of the mixture prepared. "Oh Lady! I never did anything like this in all my life," said of the Lad. The Maiden smiling and saying, "this too is new for me as well." -----Quickly now was the sky of evening showing forth it's true deeper colors signally that night was coming on. The Lambs fed and still no return of The Captain Brave and True. The Maiden Fair thinking, Oh how I desire his return and for what seemed a first, she was beginning to miss him so. His presence in her life was taking on such meaning. They had ventured on from the point of rescue to fast becoming persons who were showing care one to the other. Yes, of course she had felt his care when rescued but that was more so out of his quick reflexes, his reaching out to help her… now it was a choosing to show forth care. Oh and how lovely it felt deep within The Maiden Fair. -----"Well Lad the Lambs are fed and what say we go and give bath to these lambs," asked of the Maiden Fair to the Lad. "Bathe these lambs Lady Fair?" he asked. "Sure, why not? I noticed some lavender soap in that hamper in my bathroom." Seemed as though the lambs understood that they were simply not to be fed and allowed to rest when their ropes untied and, "Here, come on lambs, come on," and with a light tug of the ropes and Baaa Baaa!! bleh! bleh!!! could be heard. "Come on! Lambies" and between a tug and a shove and finally picking them up all blehing and Baaaing with Seagull laughing in the distance, the lambs were taken into the Maiden's room. "Lady Fair we are not really going to give bath to these lambies right here in your bathroom are we?" asked the Lad. "Why Yes we most certainly are!" replied The Maiden. "No, we are not… are we??" "Yes, now here hold 'em," and with that she going and running some warm water into the tub. "Goodness lambs as much as I want a shower and here we are giving you baths first." Then lifting up the hamper and "Ah Yes here it is, some lavender soap bubbles." "Lady you don't mean to tell me that….." "Yes and now here the sooner the lambs…" and SpLaSh!! SpLaSh!! Lambs in and no sooner than the lambs in when one as wobbly as his legs were was taking a LeAp! And OUT!! Quick Lad! Shut the door and Smack! Oops! Poor little lambie knocked little head on door BAAA BAAA BAAA and in the tub the other little lamb BLEH BLEH BLEHing and with all four of it's legs seemingly going each in a different direction!! And Oh my goodness!!! Here lambie saying Lad, back you into the bubbles. BAAA!!! and oh LeAp! Right out again! Both the Lad and Lady laughing so hard and oh dear little lambies… Here you back into tub and holding this time the lamb BAAAing so very close indeed and this time no LeAping out and rather all sudsy he was fast becoming, well really so sudsy both the lamb and the Lad was becoming. Releasing the tub stopper and reaching for towels two, one to dry off each the lambs, they were all too soon as clean and fluffy as could be. Lad, here and handing him the ropes that had held the lambs in place the lambs were now ready to leave that dreadful room. No needing now for anyone to say, Come let us go! Oh NO! they were more than ready, with no one needing to tug or push or pick them up. No! they could hardly get out fast enough and with Lad laughing and lambs bellowing out blehs and Baaas they rather were pulling the Lad along back to the safety of the main deck where who was to greet them except for The Captain Brave and True along with three of his Trusty Crew! "Well well well what have we here. Smells like a meadow of flowers blooming." BLEH BLEH BAAA BAAA BLEH!!!! BAAA!!!! "Oh so you lambies got bathed did ya? Hahaha!!!" Baaa Baaa bleh bleh….. "this is great!" Well Maiden Fair said the Captain as she entered into the area of all the commotion of the lambs. "This is quite a Home Coming for me I must admit!" Bleh! Baaa!!!!!! Mmm hugs Captain, "so glad for your safe return," said The Maiden Fair to the Captain Brave and True. "Missing me were you Maiden Fair?" "Well, just having gained a brother I want certainly not to loose him…" "Ahh shy is the Maiden Fair my sister." Replied The Captain. "Well Lad," said of the Captain, "what say you lend me your strength and my, don't you smell sweet!" "Oh Captain, this is so embarrassing.," said of the Lad. "Well, by helping me you shall certainly smell a bit more manly. Here, these bales of hay on this pull cart. Help the rest of the crew and get them unloaded so as the help of the Market Place may take the cart and leave." The bales of hay and supplies were soon unloaded. "Captain, what are these …. these … these …. wooden things?" asked the Lad. "Oh, those are wooden pallets, used in the hauling of merchandise and the Market Place gives them away for anyone needing them," replied the Captain. "Thot we could rig up a pen of sorts for the lambs." Bleh!! Baaa!! "and none too soon for I can feel the night air is really taking hold and we WILL have left this Port Town and Pier before yet another day begins! Say, Lad go and let Cook know we have returned. I am so hungry I could eat a …. Baaa!! Bleh!!! …eat a Bear!" BAAA! Oh you too little lambies??? Hehehehe. So good to the Maiden's ears to hear the laughter of the Captain. "Oh Captain!" "Yes Maiden Fair," replied the Captain. "We have company coming alon," was her reply. "What? More company than the Lambs?" "Yes, that is correct for already Laughing Seagull has brought his mate and a nest has been fashioned." "If I didn't know better," replied the Captain, "I would say the name of this Sailing vessel is Noah's Ark rather than The Zephyr Splendour!" "Well replied," The Maiden, "seems all is fair and not a cloud with only stars romping and playing about. No clouds chasing one the other. Though for me I found this place to be an Ark of safety…" "So you did Maiden, so you did. O.K. Trusty Crew let's get these pallets up and on the other side of where the door is that goes to the galley. That way shelter is still offered while yet we shall not be tripping and falling over the lambs every time we enter into the steps leading to or from the galley for that matter," made comments of the captain Brave and True. All too soon the pallets were rigged and fastened so as to form a pen with a bale of the hay loosened from the ties holding it in place so as loose hay streamed forth. Making a nest of the hay the Maiden Fair going and putting in place ZePauley's flannel shirt. Upon the scent of the shirt, the scent recognized as comfort, as parental comfort from the one who had first taken them in and love and care provided the lambs, gingerly they stepped into the comforting nest, turned a couple of times and lying down with yet a few quiet blehs and Baaas and were soon… nuzzling off to quiet sleep.

With less than an hour till midnight's hour would toll the Captain Brave and True taking note that all was in splendid order gave command for the anchors to be lifted and the sails set in place. A gentle breeze was blowing and now would be the time to set sail upon the Water's Great. The universe is quiet, the stars afraid. One lonely raven, with its wings splayed. Darts from on high to yonder killing ground, passing through the air with nary a sound. The gods are weeping, their tears - like rain drops - fall. One lonely raven, with pensive call, feeds upon the dead and dying. Till it's too full for any flying… so with just the slightest mist of a rain falling from the heavens The Zephyr Spendour sets sail as one last raven feeds of the carnage on the ship from which the lambs were rescued from. Moving forward into the vastness of life The Zephyr Splendour was sailing with sails full and soon too the Captain, Lady and Crew would feel fullness as well for the Cook's Bell in the distant could be heard giving signal that meal was prepared. -----It was now well past one o'clock in the morning, heading into the deepest part of the night when depending on one's perspective in thot it was also the very earliest hours of a new day, just not quite yet dawning to the thots of many. The Captain, Lady Fair, Lad and the Trusty Crew were just concluding with the meal prepared by Cook. So temptingly good was the salad that it was a meal in itself. So many were the crisp delightful veggies that were intermingled in an array of flavors. Each one tantalizingly awakening taste buds making the mouth water. An oil, wine and vinaigrette dressing only enhanced the flavors. Baked salmon served with crusty fresh baked bread was brought to the table followed by a desert of the freshest of seasonal fruits. From the exotic kiwi to the tart raspberries with pineapple giving a welcoming touch and not forgetting the locally grown mulberries… Ahhh, what a tasty sustenance to be taken among those who laboring long many hours of that day in it's totality to have at last reached the climatic point of moving forward, of sailing on in life's adventures. -----Quietly the evening meal had been consumed for such a restfulness started to flow in and among all aboard existed within the hulls of The Zephyr Splendour… to just once more be upon Life's Seas, making headway and advancing in the direction of a course of Life that somehow was bestowed to be taken upon was enough. The pace that day had been fast moving and somewhat hectic with a determination that this day was the day to move out. Now with the attaining of the goal, a relaxation could be felt as those aboard started settling into the patterns making for the days upon the Waters Great. Words were not needed in these solemn moments. The Maiden Fair was given to consider within herself some words that earlier on she had been given to share in conversation with The Captain Brave and True and he having responded to a statement previously shared and he continuing on with these words that somehow had lodged within her thots, "Yes, very true indeed. Such is the methodology of the mind… it thinks not of perils when enticed by joy. It knows only the excitement and happiness of the moment. Whereas the mind in solemn contemplation is usually the one sans such overflowing ecstasy. Tis not the province of the joyous to ponder, only the solemn explore." Well here they were a group though having attained the goal of departing and with it the joy engulfing them, yet still these were some solemn moments of sharing for there was realization that there was much in the days ahead to be explored was the thots pondered and consideration given uppermost attention to.

Then could once again the bleh blehs be heard and in-be-tween the Baaa Baaas as well resounding…. The Lad jumping to his feet saying, "I know, I know it is time to get the lambies fed, Lady Fair you want that I should help you?" "Yes," was the reply as the Lady Fair arose from dinner and giving Thanks to Cook for the meal not only filling to the body but equally to the senses as well. So with body and spirit refreshed the Lady and Lad headed up the steps. The Captain continuing on with his Trusty Crew discussing the shipping route that they were to follow on this seaworthy journey. -----It was after some time when the bottles once again prepared and just beginning were the lambs to suck that The Captain Brave and True made way up the steps and onto the deck. He walking over to the Lady and saying, "here I shall take over for you. I realize so tired you must be. Go now and attend they rest." Then turning to his youngest crew member, "So Lad you enjoy having the lambs here on board The Zephyr Splendour I take it?" "Ah! Yes Sir Captain, they are so loveable, only I do trust Lady Fair won't get into the habit of bathing these lambies very often." The Captain shook with laughter and pulling the lamb in his arms closer as nourishment was lovingly given when all of a sudden a Bleh! could be heard. "Oh! lambie I take it you don't care for that word bathe do you?" asked the Captain to the lambie. BLEH! BLEH!!

Walking the hallway to her room the Maiden Fair smiled at the talk going on between the Lad, Captain and the Lambs. Upon reaching her room again she stopped so suddenly in her tracks. So rich and dark the tones of her room giving invite for deep and quiet slumber. Heading to the much longed for and desired shower in her private bath and after a few moments of briefly making it more people friendly what with a few wooly puffs still lingering about, the Maiden gave thot of, "Yarn! yes I do believe this journey shall provide opportunity for learning how it is one turns these delightfully soft wooly puffs into yarns for weaving." So taking the now dried wooly puffs, for it had now been several hours since the lambies' bathing session though it was more to the lambs thot to be she considered, a near drowning… Well, it soon was Ahhh shower time finally for her. Clear, cleansing water down splashing making her skin to tingle and to feel an aliveness to life surge all thorough her. Shampooing her long tresses and at last reaching for the thickest of terry towels. Making one as a turban for her head, then too on hook on the back of the door was a long white terry robe so cushiony soft. All of a sudden The Maiden Fair felt like a new person much liken onto a new leaf that is in a Springtime unfolding as it should and reaching for the growth of promise that the Seasons in Life Cycles present themselves. Somehow she was loosing apart of herself since having met The Captain Brave and True as well as his Trusty Crew. The cold hard shell encapsulating the new leaf of growth had broken away at last. She was loosing hurt of a past and loneliness and finding rather healing and a balance that had been missing in her life. It wasn't realized then in those moments golden that were so brief in their course, yet further on in the many multiplied Seasons that would ebb and flow, moving through time, The Maiden Fair would give continued thot to these moments and she would come to realize that those encapsulating moments that felt so hard and grief stricken were too a very real part of the Life Cycles and all of her existence and what it was that gave continued growth and meaning unto her life. New buds of life need that springboard to burst forth from… Unless ones fully experiences the biting chill of a bitterly cold winter one will not fully be given to take in the blossoming sweetness of the blooms of new growth. Somewhere by imani she knew that cherry blossoms were in bloom and nia would be found. -----Entering into the warm and dark mellowed room to where rest beckoned The Maiden Fair to, "Come and partake," she made way to the bed where she gave consideration as to whether to open the package brown paper wrapped and tied with bits of roping of twine that lay there resting on her bed as how it first placed upon her arrival to the room of guest provision. No, now too was not the time she pondered and opening the first drawer of the long low dresser she slipped quietly the package inside, closing the drawer and turned rather back the comforter done in swirls of a paisley pattern with the sheets next and slipped in between. Before she had even the time to lavish in the comfort she was fast asleep.

What first gave Maiden to awaken was the sound once made again that so familiar through ages of months spanned… The Laughing Seagull. For moments she had to gather her thots for in a strange place she found herself awakening, only the sound of Laughing Seagull could enter in and deeply penetrate her thots and give her realization of the here and now as it were. Ah Yes, Rescued! And here it must now be morning anew for the second time for already morning a new at beginning of the deepest hours of the night… with her thots trailing off and oh! I went to sleep with head terry towel turban wrapped…. Arising and first placing the coffee maker on and in seconds would the scent of the Chocolate Raspberry Coffee encompass the room in an aroma that gave even more so to her awakening thots as she gathered herself together and heading into the bathroom, reaching forth for the hairbrush as hair still damp within the towel tumbled out wavy unlike the natural straightness. Soon her hair in the familiar braid with a bit of fabric black tied on where all strands gathering before the braiding starts. For how long a time the black familiar ribbon tied… a reminder of someone of deep long many passing years who no longer breath partaking. Some losses one never losses no matter how much filling takes place, the gaps do remain and in them the memories of times sharing. For a time she almost cried with only a hint of moisture forming and giving mist to her face as she pondered, Why must you had to have left me… realizing all too well, "a time to be born," and in this case of memory… "a time to die." -----Again the Laughing Seagull draws her into moments present. Mmm coffee prepared, placed in mug and within hand clutching, the fragrance so exhilarating with the steaming warmth giving added comfort, walking out on the main deck to be greeted by The Captain Brave and True. "Greetings, to thee, Lady Fair. Fair thy tidings and bless'd hours," made he comment to her. She taking note that the tide had changed for with now mid-morning came the rays of sun replacing the lite misty rain of the midnight hours. "Captain, here take a mug of fresh prepared coffee that it's scent taking in only have I and not yet consumed. I have another mug and more of the fresh prepared goodness in my room." Going to her room, returning with her mug, the Lady Fair reaching forth and lovingly drawing The Captain Brave and True into her inviting embrace, they sipping slowing in the freshness while in the distant what ever else could be heard except… Bleh!