Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's another one. I like that this poem can be derived in a number of ways. This could be a poem about love, life, spiritual, or basically your innermost feelings. What makes you confused. Read it and let me know. I hope you beautiful guys and gals love it. rr for me if you will. Love ya guys.

The fork that splits the road

Is where I seem to be

I don't know which road to take

And there's no one willing to show me

Where to go from here

The decision is all my own

Things would be easier

If the path here was shown

If I go left what will I face

If I go right will I get lost

I have to find the pathway home

Regardless of the cost

But soon my decision must be made

And the choice will be all mine

I just hoped that I picked the right one

And get it right this time