Ch. 1 Meeting Jason

Months past before Jason returned from the dead. The night he returned, I could feel the very fabric of essence shake and vibrate. It's difficult to restore one to his body into another realm, but God was able to manage. Lucifer was able to track him down before I could. I arranged a meeting so that I could talk with him, finding out Jason's progress. I flew in a cold night sky towards a small alley downtown. I landed on the sidewalk at two-43 am. I walked between the walls of a chapel and a small pawn shop. Many homeless layed on the hard cement, trying their best to stay warm and falling asleep. Further down, I saw Jason, fast asleep, and an African American, awake and watching Jason's chest rise and fall with every slow breath. In his arms, a small eight year-old girl rested against his chest.

"How's he doing?" I asked. The homeless African turned and looked to me. His form shimmered and disappeared, Lucifer standing in its place.

"He's all right. He's in Hell. The aide sent him to acquire a pair of swords materialized from the body of a demonic dragon," he said, his eyes closing. "I think he's winning."

"You better hope he does. His mind will be destroyed," I said. Lucifer smiled, slowly opening his eyes, a reddish glow emanating from his iris.

"He'll be fine," he replied. "You worry too much."

"Our fate lies with him. I will worry."

I didn't really talk to Jason until months later. I knew he would be sent to kill me as all demon slayers attempted, and quite obviously had failed. One night as I walked through the city streets, Lucifer came in one of his many forms. The homeless African suited him well to not attract attention.

"They've assigned him to kill you finally." He said.

"How ironic that we take that as good news," I replied. He smiled at my humor, and turned away.

"I'll be watching," he said. He disappeared to wherever he had decided to watch from. I waited, making it easier for Jason to track me. I wanted to try and talk to him as soon as I could.

Night fell once again before he found me. I heard the wind being cut as he flew in, landing on the ground and folding his wings behind him. He walked slowly, drawing his swords, probably expecting some giant demonic creature. Instead, as he turned the corner, he found me.

"Hello Jason."

His mouth dropped wide open in surprise. He stood their, dumbfounded and confused. I smiled, expecting this reaction.

"A…Anna?" he stuttered. I nodded my head.

"no one else," I said. "Its been a while." He sheathed his swords, vanishing them behind his back. He ran and hugged me tightly. I must have been the only attachment to his previous life he had seen in years. He drew away, joy and happiness in his eyes that I couldn't explain. I smiled back anyway, trying to make him feel comfortable. My life depended on it.

"You can't be the demon they said you were…I know you, you couldn't have been…"

"An evil rebel that was creating chaos on earth for thousands of years?" I said. I laughed as he looked at me with perplexity.

"That's…exactly what they said…"

"They the same about me every year," I explained with a non-chant tone. Their must have been a lot of questions were forming in his mind. I walked closer towards him, and felt my own personal feelings cave in to my heart. I hugged him again, feeling tears forming in my eyes.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for someone like you to arrive," I said. "When I saw you for the first time, I knew you must be the one…"He pushed me away, his eyes inquisitive.

"Why have you been waiting for me? What is it that I'm missing here?" he said.

"What if I told you that everything you were told at the Vatican was a lie? That the entire Christian religion, and any other religion is based off of a conspiracy to rule all that live in this world?"

Most people would probably have stared hard at me, confused. Others would have laughed, thinking this was one big joke. If they were religious enough, would get angry, even furious enough to kill me. I was expecting one or the other, but not the long pause and then the accepting nod Jason gave me.

"you…belive me?" I said with incredulity. Was this the final sign? Was he really the one to bring down the ultimate dictator?

"Can you prove it?" he asked. I nodded my head, feeling a joy surge through my body, one that I hadn't felt for years. It would all finally end.

"follow me," I said, turning down the dark alley.

"wait a second," Jason replied. He turned his head, and gave a high pitched whistle into the night. A small blonde haired girl appeared at his side out of nowhere. She hugged onto Jason's side, looking shyly towards me.

"This must be Lisa," I said.

"So you've been watching me?" Jason asked.

"No, I have." Lucifer walked out of the shadows, baring his full demonic form. He flashed the disguise of the homeless African, and back to his true form.

"Let me introduce Lucifer," I said. He extended a bony hand towards Jason, who shook it.

"The devil?" he said, recalling the name from his old childrens bible.

"How many times is that gonna happen?" Lucifer said exasperated. "His name is Satan. He and I are not the same damn person."

"But he did help with the rebellion against god," I said, smiling.

"Help?" Jason asked. "Then who started it?"

Lucifer flicked his finger in the gun gesture towards me. Jason's jaw dropped as I smiled again.

"Come on," I said, walking out into the city. Gracefully I expanded my wings behind me. I could hear Jason gasp as he saw that all my feathers were pitch black. Lisa jumped onto his back, and he crouched with me, and launching into the air.

We flew past the city and towards the countryside. About half an hour, he flew directly beside me, Lucifer was trailing behind him.

"So how old are you?" he yelled over the swirling wind. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know," I yelled back. "I don't think I have an age. I've been here since forever." He nodded, and became silent for the rest of the flight. I guess he decided it would be best to ask questions later. We flew over a small city in the valley where the lights decorated the land in a pattern. I turned my wings, angling them together, and went into a dive. I felt the wind cut against my face, and I saw Jason descending next to me, Lisa clinging to his shoulders, her hair waving behind her. She looked in my direction, and I smiled at her.

She smiled back, but what happened I would never had expected. The light from the city reflected off her face, and her left eye suddenly flashed red. A sign of demonic possession. So why did Jason have her on his back? Surely he would of sensed it in her. I would have to find out.

The ground came steadily closer until I spread my wings wide, slowing my descent. I landed carfully outside the gate of a large mansion, Jason and Lucifer landing next to me. The girl jumped off his back, and the second her feet hit the ground I drew my pistol, and pointed it at her.

My hand was suddenly clasped in pain as Jason grabbed it and twisted, causing me to drop the gun. I felt a cold metal barrel press against the side of my head.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jason yelled.

"She's possessed!" I yelled back, pointing at Lisa. "Why are you still carrying her? She'll kill you!"

Jason let go, stepping back, but still holding the pistol aimed at my skull. "I know she's been bitten by a vampire," he replied. "But so am I." He pulled down the collar of his jacket, exposing two red dot scars on his neck. I felt a sudden shock as I realized in my mind why he was so different. Why he was so willfull against Him.

"I stopped it before a full transformation could take hold," he said. I stared at him in disbelief.

"Where did you learn that?" I asked him. He shrugged.

"I didn't. I just knew it, why?" he replied. I shook my head. This didn't make sense. Their was no way to stop the transformation…no one knew how. If you were bitten, it was over. How…how he could just know this…

Did it matter? He had no reason to lie to me. I decided to let it go. Turning around, I tapped the gate in front of me. I heard the lock click and the gateway slowly creaked open. The mansion was set on a small hill. The design was traditional, a left and right wing on either side of the center. It reminded me of the white house, only it was a dark wooden brown color instead of white.

"Where are we?" Jason asked.

"Where the truth is buried," I replied.