Different viewpoints
What it might be like if Kymberlee Murphy, my sister, was still alive.

The darkness seems to consume her as she raced to get away from the evil beings that haunted her in her dreams. Every time it ended the same, just before she was captured, her older sister calling her for school threw her out of her nightmare, and today was no different.
"Kymberlee, time to get up sis." the older girl said

"Okay, I'm up." Kym said, sitting up from the full sized bed both girls sleep on.

The older girl, Roxanne, was sitting on the edge of the bed; it was about 6:05, the normal time for Roxanne to be out of the shower. Her sister was in her lilac and white robe, smiling softly. On school mornings, Roxanne was always the first one up, around 5:50 each morning, when their mom tapped on the door, she would then wake up Kymberlee after she took her shower, then around 6:30, or whenever she finish changing and brushing her hair, she would go and wake up William, the little brother. Kym got off her bed, and grabbed her own robe, an all lavender one, and headed downstairs.

"Morning mom." she called as she headed into the bathroom.

"Morning Kym." her mother called back

After about a 15-minute shower, Kym got out and put on her robe and exited the bathroom. Heading upstairs, she notices the door was open enough for one of the cats to get in.

"Hey Roxy, did Pikachu enter the room?" Kym asked

"Yeah, she's on the windowsill" came Roxanne's voice from the other side of the door.

Kym open the door and entered the room. Although the same size as the living room, it seemed much smaller in ways, one was the slanted roof on both sides of the room. To the left of the door hung a painting her sis had done, it was a cat that wore a good medal, and supposedly it meant to give one happiness. Next to it was something her mom had given Roxanne to hang up in the room. On the far side of the room on the left was the room's computer, although Roxanne used it for research, reading stories, and talking to friends, she said 'Kym, if you ever want the computer, let me know, okay.' and Kym would always tell her to get off so that she could do her work.

The right side of the room was different altogether. They was a closet that held their jackets and various other things, there was also the nightstand that held the smart-set clock and the MP3 player and a little piggy bank that was Roxanne's. Next to that was a dresser that was filled with Roxanne's clothes, all kinda tossed in, to Kym it's always a wonder how she finds some decent clothes. There was also the twin size bed they sleep in, it sat on the floor to keep things from getting underneath it, and Roxanne had suggested it.

Straight ahead was Kym's dresser, with a TV on top of it and the window, the room's only window. The room itself was purple, with a 'popcorn' like ceiling, which held the fan that span around and around.

Kym closed the door behind her, and walk over to her dresser, she glanced over to the toys that laid on the floor by the bed, Transformers' toys that Roxanne collected and liked, sitting there on the floor waiting to be placed in a better spot. Kym did have a Transformer toy, it was just sitting on top of Roxanne's dresser, with all the other junk that was piled up there. Picking a black outfit like her sister, she walked over to the bed. Roxanne was busy brushing her hair out when she sat down and started to dress.

"Did you do all of your homework?" Roxanne asked

"Um... oh shoot..." Kym said

"Bang." Roxanne finished, it was a family thing to said bang after someone said shoot.

"I forgot to do my math." Kym said

"8th grade math is easy, let me see it." Roxanne said.

"Downstairs." Kym said, then gave her the book

"Yeah, yeah, let me wake up Willber, then I'll look at this." Roxanne said

Kym giggled softly as her sister got up and put on her spring jacket and picked up her bag. Taking her book, Kym watch as Roxanne left the room to wake up their little brother.

The only other being in the room was Pikachu, the 7-year-old house cat, who was laying down on the windowsill. Kym quickly changed into her clothes then brushed her hair. It was 6:45 by the time Kym was back downstairs and into the living room with her bag and jacket. Roxanne handed her book and smiled.

"It pays to have similar hand writing." Roxanne said

Kym smiled, and gave a light punch to Roxanne's shoulder. She sat down on the couch and placed her math book in her bag. She also checked her CD player and headphones, and then looked up to Roxanne.
"Sis, got any new CDs copied?" she asked

Roxanne smiled, and then tossed Kym a CD case with a burned Cd in it. "Latest one of my collection, think you will like it."

"Thanks sis." Kym said, popping the CD into the player
"no problem."

At 7:00, the two girls headed out to catch the bus. Placing the bags at the end of the driveway, the began to pace up and down, doing nothing but thinking. Roxanne, with her sensitive ears, heard the bus' brakes and headed down and grabbed her bag. Kym followed suit and grabbed her bag. After a minute, the bus pulled to a stop by the sisters and let them on. Roxanne headed to the way back while Kym went to the back of her section. Sitting down, she pulled out her CD player and put on the headphones, then listen to the music her Sister had gave her.

After school

Kym got on the bus once the school announced all bus student may be dismissed and headed to where her sister sat. On the bus ride home, very few High schoolers were on, allowing for Kym to be with her sister. Kym glanced at her sister's CD player; it was on song 4, so Kym decided to also play four on. Getting her own player, she set it to song four and listens to the music.

As they closed in on their stop, Kym and Roxanne put away their CD players and held their bags, when the bus stopped, they wordlessly got off and headed inside. It happen to be Thursday, so mom and William would not be home until 4:30 due to his doctors appointments.

Kym and Roxanne headed to their room; they both started in on their homework, Roxanne over by the computer turning it on, she had a habit to talk to her friend and do her homework, while Kym landed on the bed and pulled out her homework. They wordlessly continued to work, both deep in thought as they worked.

"Kym, turn up the CD player." Roxanne said softly

Kym wordlessly obeyed, putting the volume up to 20, then got back to work. Kym listen as Roxanne worked the pencil with her math and then hearing the typing of the keyboard. Clearly already talking with her friend, Megan Lowe from Carmel, Maine.

Kym got up and opened the window when she heard dad backing up into the lower driveway, and looked out. In his arms was two boxes of Pizza, and a bag of 2 two liter bottles of Pepsi, a two liter bottle of coke and a two liter bottle of sprite. She walked over and tapped on Roxanne's arm

"Yeah Kymmy?" Roxanne asked

"Dad's got pizza and Pepsi." Kym said

"Sah-weet" Roxanne said, then told Megan that she would be back in a minute

Both girls raced downstairs to get a slice of pizza and a cup of Pepsi to quiet their hungry tummies. Then they headed back upstairs to their room. Roxanne plopped back in front of the computer and continues to talk with Megan, while Kym sat down on the bed and finished up on her homework.

Soon mom and William return home and came in; Kym had finished her homework and started to draw pictures of random things. Roxanne had finished talking with Megan and turned the computer off. It was closing in on 8:30.

"So, how did school go?" Roxanne asked

"Still having trouble with some boys who think they can get to me, I don't think they know who my sister is, saying you wouldn't be able to hold a fist up to them." Kym said

"Please, they said that?" Roxanne asked?

"Yeah, but they are a bunch of losers." Kym said, "Even told them off."

"That's the spirit kiddo." Roxanne said, patting Kym on the shoulder.

"How about you?" Kym asked, looking at her sister

"Not like anyone talks to me, but i keep in contact with my friends." Roxanne said

"At least you have friends." Kym said

"Hey, I've been their pal for a long time." Roxanne shot back, and then they both cracked up laughing.

"Well, i have been having trouble with these nightmares." Kym said

"They still not going away?" Roxanne asked

"They are not as harsh as before, but they are still scary." Kym said.

Roxanne silently hugged her sister and held her. Kym was thankful for having a sister who was only a little older then herself who can relate to her. Kym knew that Roxanne had difficulties in school, but she had been able to turn herself around real quick, and Kym had always been quiet, only really talking with Roxanne, having no friends to look up to.

"Well, it's time for bed, Kym, sleep well." Roxanne said, as Kym got over to her half of the bed.

"You to Roxy, night." Kym said, getting under the covers

"Back at you." Roxanne said

The field was a lushes green, the sky was a dark gray and the horizon was yellow, she stood by a tree, with leaves of the rainbow, sitting back and watching the unicorns grazed upon the grass. Next to her rested her rested a little girl, finally in a peaceful sleep
"sleep well and without darkness, my dear great-granddaughter, you deserve it."

Nearby stood another girl, smiling at the sight. There sat Great Grandma Huston with her sister, 'all is well,' she thought as she slipped into dreamland, 'all is well'

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