Dedicated to three important people in my life who I love and have always been there when I need them.



Into a million pieces.

Something that took years to cultivate, to grow

Is gone.

Four broken memories

Destroyed by a cruel barrier,

The distance

That lay between us.

Like a whirlwind,

A cyclone

A typhoon

Its there one minute

And then it's gone

Leaving an empty space with only a memory of how it used to be.

Where do I go?

Who do I turn to?

Will fate be so cruel as to rob even more of who I used to be?

Of who I am?

The sound

As the mirror falls.

Containing my soul.

Will it be the same? Will I live again?

Do I dare try?

The smile

Of all I have left.

The arms I crawl to

As an empty shell.

You are my smile,

You are my arms,

You are my life.

You are who I live for.

Because I can't live without you.