And When I Finally Trusted You

A lone friendly girl
Was once your classmate
You argued, you annoyed each other
But never had done harm

As how the trees grew
The trust was built inside of her
The acceptation of who you are
And not by your actions

She started to realize who you were
After the death of a beloved
In the Irish Lucky year
And slowly she saw more
Through the talks of last year

Small eons of secrets were building up
As she gave you her fragile key
To her space of lies and darkness

You walk inside
The door snaps shut:
So there's no way of escaping Truth

Wander around
You find clues

Now you know
She's not the quiet girl who wants to be heard
She has a life through her mind
Tears on her words
Now you understand her world
And how you're to be silent with this

You saw me as fragile as light
And you held that candle holding me from the darkness
You walked on…holding me bright…

Until you blew me out

The wisps of the smoke is all that's left
And all that's left has entered the darkness
But you don't notice
Because for backup, you had the flashlight...

While I'm in the darkness once again
Even more now that I can't trust you
But you don't care
When did you ever?

I'm just the silent girl
You--the one who's loved and popular
You never cared
That you spilled out my secrets
And that you never cleaned up your messed
So now everyone sees the spilt milk of secrets

And when I finally trusted you…

...You blew me out

A/N: This is for THE HAWK, who kinda like betrayed my trust when I showed him this websites and my poems ("space of lies and darkness"). During Honors English, he 'mentioned' about Eric and me out loud...yeah. It really devestated me that day but later on, I thought 'that's just typical Mark...' Yeah, I'm still hurt by it...but not like Mark would care. I don't care if he reads this, I really don't.