Wind's of Change


Evocaria...or Amflore, the first world created by Leara and Cara- Java, where it lies now is forever a mystery. But we know for certain it was the start of something—magic—at first, there were many wars fought between the thirty imperial houses. Out of the thirty, only four gained true power and the other twenty six joined one of the four sides. The battle was fought for over twenty years until a victorious house emerged, and this house was able to rule before the eyes of the goddess, but power was not permanent and would always exchange hands. For now, it was the era of peace through the lands.

On the fifth Year of peace... our tale begins...

Chapter One—Banished

I here commit Princess Halla Moira Luminious to ten years of Exile due to her neglected position... the sharp words scalded the still air and she shivered. Exiled... what did that mean to her? She hadn't done anything wrong... well maybe except refuse to marry and blow up half of WedField Castle... but she couldn't help it and now she was banished. But neglected position? Who made her princess in the first place. Halla regretted these words as she thought, it was wrong to contradict the goddess.

A princess wasn't worth much, they were simply gifts in exchange for allies. A prince on the other hand... she didn't want to think about that. Her father the king treated them like the most precious diamonds. She had ten brothers and two older sisters, they really weren't much company.

And so we get to where we are supposed to be. Halla was banished to Clive where she was forced to live in a small mansion and have one maid, a cook and a horse. What else should she do? A princess was so much overruled by the king and princes that she really can't get her voice out.

We might as well mention that Halla was no ordinary princess. She was 19 and had long curly black hair and deep blue eyes which gave her a strange knowing look. Strangest of all, she had an odd power. No one else had it and no one besides her parents knew about it. Her parents were a bit ashamed that their youngest daughter should have this queer unexplainable power and it was also by that power that half of the WedField Castle was blown up. Still, Halla continued to learn to wield her power and still haven't quite mastered it (once again.. the WedField Castle incident).

She went into her new home and found it very roomy and cold since the maid and the cook were always busy with whatever they were up to. Halla decided to take a walk outside. Little did she know that one decision could lead to a catastrophe.

He was of course a wanderer. Unlearned whatsoever with sword clasped in his hand and walked calmly through the villages, but still... it was apparent that he was a stranger here. His eyes were shaded, but others would have sworn to find in its depth a light lavender. His hair was brown with a strange silvery sheen...not gray but silver.He walked swiftly in his steps and looked about casually. He was no doubt a warrior and though many boisterous drunkards tried to pick a fight with him, they would see the cold in his eyes and slowly back off muttering an apology.

Dagg had no past and if it was his way, he would have preferred no future. still he was there. His sword style, his teacher had taught him well and he was 23. His art of the sword was extremely fortified and very powerful. His skill was his only pride his way of the sword, his way of ending so many lives...but now... It was now six years since he had been in the final battles of Faith and of course, the king had won. And Dagg had witnessed the horrors of battles, and despite his young mind, the bloodshed had left a deep imprint in his mind. To kill or be killed...that was his way of life. Dagg really had no memories of the past, but all he remembered were fire,screams and the sounds of clashing swords.

Dagg turned on his road and wondered Can the wretched really be forgiven? Then he stopped to behold the scene before him.

Meanwhile, Halla was a mile from home and she was now shuddering from what she had witnessed. There was so much scary things here. There were people here beating other to death, and she did indeed see the terrible pounding and screams of the victim, at last one of them retrieved a sword from a table and slit the victims throat there was so much blood pouring as the "winner" roared with glory. She felt sick and did so want to stop them but then remembered that if she did, she might blow up half the street ( like the WedField Incident ...).

heh, well then how 'bout that? Better pay up.. growled the victor. The spectators stared with surprise. The victor was a brutal man with alcohol on his breath, no doubt he wouldn't hesitate to use violence on anyone.

You don't think I set up that show for nothing did you? He snarled viciously. The onlookers gaped. The man looked even more angry and before anyone knew what was happening, the Man suddenly reached out a hand and grabbed Halla by the throat and pulled her towards him. He scoffed at the silent crowd who continued to stare with horror. That was when suddenly, a voice rang out through the silence.

Princess! Princess Halla! It was her maid... who came exactly at the wrong time. The man was surprised at first but quickly recovered.

Ah... so you are a Princess... I wonder... he said and his eyes seemed to flush into a dangerous reddish color. The grip on her throat tightened. She found it difficult to breath.

Well, I have your princess and I hope all of your attention. Pay up or I'm afraid your beloved peaceful era will end with her death... but to die at the hands of me, Cojo Monaco is really not bad...he snarled. The people shuddered slightly. Halla suddenly felt a strange urge from her heart, to unleash her power. This was much larger than the force which broke the castle. No, she can't do that... not with her innocent perople here. She bit her lip to keep the power locked but it seemed to want to burst, she had to hold. Halla saw some move their lips in prayer, and then they heard.

Stop... every one turned and saw a man over twenty with light violet eyes which narrowed slightly at the sight and the wind behind him stirred his long silvery blond hair. The stranger went through the crowd which opened a path. Cojo waited at the center, still gripping Halla, who was now gasping for breath.

Who the hell are you? Asked Cojo gruffly. The stranger maintained calm.

Someone obviously unknown to you... he answered.

What do you want? Asked Cojo. The stranger's eyes were clear and honest, everyone knew he didn't need to lie.

I suggest you let go of the princess and settle this with me. Said the stranger in his same calm voice. Cojo scoffed and Halla felt his grip once more tighten and her power nearly burst at the moment but she managed to hold it down.

She is a princess unused to battling and as a princess, you have no right to touch her... unless you want to get hurt. Said the stranger carefully. Cojo hesitated at this.

If I fight you and I win, what will I get? He asked. The stranger gave a icy smile.

Everything I have of course. He answered. And if it is the other way around, then you will let the princess go and leave or stay in this place in peace—that is no more violence. Cojo frowned slightly and his slow brain was still trying to work everything out.

Alright, he said finally. And with surprising speed, grabbed a rope and tied one end to Halla's hands and the other to a iron pole nearby and let her go. Halla fell to the ground when he let her go at last and she searched in her heart—the power was still there and as strong as ever. She wouldn't be able to control it for very long.

She and the other people watched the two men face each other and draw their swords. Halla stared fearfully at the stranger and saw in his deep eyes, a spark of red...or was it a flame? And so the fight commenced...