Young soldier, what's wrong?
Your head is up high,
But your spirit is so low.

Young soldier, why are you so down?
You want to win the prize,
But are afraid to pay the price.

Young soldier, what do you fear?
You fear the wrath of God,
And the riches of Satan.

Young soldier, why look away?
You don't want to see the grim reaper,
He scars your soul.

Young soldier, why do you weep?
You miss the ones you love,
And mourn the ones you lost.

Young soldier, what have you seen?
You've seen the angel of death,
Laughing at your struggle.

Young soldier, why must you go?
To fly up high to the sky,
And fight for that one last shot.

Young soldier, why spill your blood?
For my loved ones,
For my country.

Young soldier, is it worth it?

-Sandra Dvornikova