In this darkened corner

Where the light has gone astray

Where the cold wind blows

And the tears don't show

Won't you come and let me in?

In the faerie's sigh

In the mourner's eye

The raindrops tell a story

With no happy ending

And there's nothing left to say

Wake up

Strip down to your core,

Are you alive?

Is the twisted world you live inside

The jungles of your memory

Can we all be saved?

Who will lead the way?

Wake up

The clouds are calling

Listen close

The sounds of hurt and broken hearts

Are echoing through my mind

Is there anything left of what once was you?

And can I break through?

The hate and pain

Course through our veins

It's trapped inside, it's calling out

The little boy inside your soul

Is screaming in his cage

Is there love left in this world

Are we just a barren landscape

That feeds of lies and hope

We're losing you, what can I do

To reach into what's really you