"Night Mum! Night Dad!" the girl called from the hall. She quickly checked the clock in the kitchen and dried her hair with a towel.

11:46. She groaned and realized that her shower took twenty minutes longer then planned. She dropped her towel in the dirty laundry basket and took out her newly cleaned pajamas. She walked back to her room and shut the door, then, slipping into her skull Pjs, she closed her drapes and turned off the light.

The sixteen year old girl jumped into bed and grabbed the nearest stuffed animal before closing her eyes and falling into her dreams. Unfortunately, tonight was another nightmare…the same nightmare that played over and over in the young teen's head. She tossed and turned and threw the covers off of herself.

Then a gentle summer breeze drifted through the room and the teen suddenly awoke. She got out of bed and pulled back the curtains on her window…She then tugged at the window frame and checked the lock on the closed window.

"That's weird…" she murmured, "I swear I felt a breeze."

She shrugged and yawned before heading back to the mess she called a bed. But before she reached her bed, she felt a whisper of a kiss on her bare neck. She shivered and stared through the dense darkness.

The young teen hopped back into bed when she concluded that the kiss was her imagination and closed her eyes, heading back into her nightmares. But not even ten minutes later, the teen woke again, this time to the feeling of another person's presence in the room. Suddenly it made perfect sense to the sleepy girl.

"Ghosts, Spirits…Just Phantoms." She announced to herself, and once again fell into a deep sleep.

In the corner of the girl's room, a teen male appeared and stepped forward, bending down and kissing her nightmares away.

"Not just Phantoms…" the young man whispered sadly.

To be Continued…?