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Chapter Fifteen

My parents and the rest of us were ready to head out to church at last. My father had said he'd like to talk to Mother alone, and so they walked ahead. Andrew held onto my wrist immediately, and pulled me up the stairs. Keagan follow immediately but Andrew glared at him and began to whisper hurriedly in our language. 'This is crucial, Julie, I need you to do some things for me... Got that? It's a big, big favor. It has to do with the Thomsons...I'll fill you in as we go, okay? I couldn't say anything with Mom and Dad here. Charlotta is going to be helping us. I love you.'

My confused mind followed every order he gave me after that, and then we were off.

The people of the congregration are all a stir, and Judge Thomson stands at the front of them. He is shouting words that seem almost inaudible to me through the thick white doors of the church. God was shouting. Was I going to listen? Was I going to follow the plan? Yes. I was. I would follow their plan, and mine.

I threw open the doors with a sigh and walked in, running a hand through my hair as the people of the church spun around and began to look at me with unnaturally cold looks in their eyes. My blue eyes fell upon the sight of my mother, glaring harshly along with everyone else. I didn't seem to mind. I wasn't scare of the looks I was getting. I was a "bad" boy, after all.

Two people in the crowd suddenly were jumping forward and grabbing at my arms. I let them. I had already decided I would let them. Judge Thomson pointed at me accusingly as a wide grin spread across his face. He'd been waiting to talk like this for such a long time, hadn't he?

"God has no place for mortals of the damned. For such a sinner as yourself is meant for Hell and Hell alone, young Julian! Disguising yourself amongst us as a normal person, but I have always seen through your disguise, Devil. You are and impure devil brought to this town to test us! God wishes to see you die, Julian Gray Naismith, and though we love you dearly, He forbides us from letting you live. You are condemned, and you have brought it upon yourself! For your sins, young Julian, you shall be greatly punished! The good Father and I have spoken, but it is my judgment that falls in line with the Almighty's."

What was he saying? Hmm, it must be important. Everyone around the church is hollering and agreeing, even my mother's voice can be heard admist the voices. Yes, I decide that it must be important.

The evil Judge is standing before me with a vicious gleam within his eyes, but I'm not scared. I'm very peaceful in my thoughts. "To be crucified for his association with the impure and his crimes against this town by becoming such--" but the Judge's voice is suddenly lost to me. What's he saying? I can't tell. His voice is drifting away as I feel metal sliding through my palms, and yet I do not scream. I smile. Why am I not screaming? For some reason, I can't feel the pain.

The Judge notices this smile that has spread across my face and the back of his hand suddenly becomes acquainted with my face as he grabs me by the throat. "Tell me, Julian, why aren't you scared, hm?" He slides a knife across my wrists and trickles it against my neck, and yet I smile even widder.

"It's a funny thing," I choke out as best I can. "Lift up my shirt, Thomson. Humor me. Or if you feel more macho, cut it off me." His eyes flash and he sends the knife through the skin of my chest, and downward. When the cloth falls free, the entire congregation's smile fades, but one more mine widdens.

I can feel the life about to leave me, and so with my dying breath I speak. "To kill the pure, you all now are impure as well. You will die with that thought on your mind."

The scar on my stomach, still lined with a few staples that had failed to fall out became splashed with blood for the second time, and yet I'm smiling about it again. Ahh, how nice it feels to fully experience the freedom I only tasted before.

Charlotta's hands were white as she gripped the steering wheel of her little red car tightly. I could see her heart was beating in her throat, and mine was too. Keagan shifted from the back of the car and turned his head to stare out the window, and then some mysterious feeling fell across me. "Andrew's dead," I don't know how I knew it then, but I could feel him leave me. Tears welled up in my eyes and I curled my arms into Keagan. He tried to mutter things to tell me that such a thing was impossible, and that Andrew had thought out his plan too well. But I could feel he'd left me...

Di stopped the car and snapped her head around to glare at me through tear-filled eyes. She didn't say anything. She knew, too. I could see it in her eyes. "He's a good guy," she said through the tears that had began to stain her cheeks. I lifted up a hand to wipe them away as took a deep shuddering breath. "H-he did this to make the town better."

"He wanted me with his dreams, he knew," I added. Keagan said nothing. "He died because I fell in love. I'm sorry, Di." Keagan shuddered slightly at my cold words but I pulled myself against him and stared crying. "You're not going to leave me, too, are you Keagan? I don't have to worry about that, do I?"

Keagan shook his head and I closed my eyes. His lips brushed against my eyelids as his arms tightened around me. "Your brother was a really martyr. The people needs more good men like him."

"Why," hissed Di through her tears as she fumbled with the keys, her shaking hands trying to put them back into the ignition. "So the hateful world could take them all away?"

"No," I said calmly through my tears as I held Keagan tightly. "So that the hateful world could at least learn of how cruel it really is, and that everyone can be called impure for that."

And so that's how my life within Angel's Eyes ended. We all ran away, leaving the town behind us and carrying all the pain we'd gain with us. Though we were marked condemned for loving, we are the storytellers of fate's design. And we are proof, that fate can deal an unjust hand through it's demented ideas of justice for the condemned.

For our beloved has died for our sins, he has given them back as well. We are all condemned in the eyes of Fate. Yes, we are all condemned.

There are no happy endings here.

The End

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