Well, I based this story on a song I heard (the song is even in the story. The lyrics are too). And I really like this song so I made it into a short story. Here it is.

Beneath the silver moon…

The moon hung high in the sky; indicating that it was almost midnight. Yet it didn't seem at all like midnight. Lights were shining bright along the street But not ordinary lights. Paper lanterns were the ones casting light into the dark world, giving the festival goers light.

I held you endlessly…

Many couples were among those that were walking around. The girls dressed up in their favorite kimono and the boys escorting their beloved to various food stands and games. Some of the boys tried to win prizes for their girlfriend. But one couple stood out. They were young, probably nine and eight years old. The little girl clung to the older boy's hand as he led her through the crowd. The boy was dressed in his school uniform, which made the girl stand out. She was dolled out in a new kimono, with a matching bow holding her long black hair in a pony tail. He pulling her fast, and hard. But she only smiled a warm smile that seemed to compliment her brown eyes. She had worked hard for this date, and finally got it.

And danced the night with you…

There was a small area where couples danced, old and young alike. Maybe he's taking me there… The girl thought, and blushed while she was thinking it. But he didn't stop at the clearing where people were dancing. He continued.

'Cause you were meant for me…

Kamome saw many of the couples embracing as they stood dancing. She looked up hopefully towards Genichi, hoping he would embrace her someday. Until that day would come she would daydream about it.

The lights above the skies were burning in your eyes…

She looked back towards the festival grounds. They were getting further and further away from them. Kamome thought the darkness ahead of them seemed depressing. It was like it was waiting outside of the light, just waiting to be allowed to join in on the fun.

I gave my heart to you that paper lantern night…

She could feel her heart beating faster and faster as he led her to a small pond, just out of sight. "I like to come here during festivals." He said to her while he led her to a rock that sat on the edge of the pond. Fireflies illuminated the water with there soft glow. But only enough so that they could see each other barely. "You can sit down and wait for me." He said, waiting till she was safely sitting upon the rock to disappear the way that they had come.

But when you went away all the lights turned faint and gray…

As soon as he left she felt the darkness creeping in. It seemed to surround her, clutching at her and drowning her. Even the lights from the festival looked dull and were starting to fade.

All the darkness in the night, never thought that we'd say goodbye…

Doubt was coming into her mind that he would return. It had been awhile and he hadn't seemed to eager to say in her company from the beginning. She felt like crying whenever she thought about it. And she almost did cry right there and then. It wasn't as if people were near so that they could hear and see her.

So I hold it all inside…

But she didn't cry. She decided that he would return, hopefully. He wouldn't just leave her sitting there, would he? But I never will forget… She reflected on the day she asked him to come with her to the Star Crossed Lovers festival.
"G-Genichi-kun, will…will you go to the festival with me?" She had asked shyly.
"Yes. You're the first person who's ever invited me to something. Where will we meet? Is the school good? Around seven? Okay." He had watched her nod to everything he said.

'Cause I will always think of when all the stars were shining bright like the light shining in your eyes…

She looked up at the sky and blushed. The stars were dotting the sky with their sparkle that reminded Kamome of the look Genichi always had in his eyes when she had talked to him.
The had actually spent the whole day before the festival started together. They had accidentally run into each other outside of a clothing store and decided to hang out for the rest of the day and change at their houses, then meet at the sky.

And I held your hand in mine…

She blushed once again at the thought of how tightly he had gripped her hand as he led her through the crowd just a few minutes before. She smiled happily at the thought that it meant there was something between them as she gazed into the pond's water. The fireflies were still making there way over the pond then back again.

Underneath the lantern sky…

She looked back towards the way he had went and saw movement a few yard away from the pond. Genichi had returned and had his hands behind his back, as if he were hiding something. He kept them that way even as he sat down beside her on the rock.

A magical surprise you gave me there that night…

"I got this for you." He said shyly, pulling out a music box from behind him. It was made of porcelain and was decorated with orange goldfish with navy blue surrounding them. He wound it then opened it. As he opened it the song 'Paper Lantern Night' began to play, only it was instrumental. And also when he opened it, two stars came from opposite sides of the bow to meet in the middle, but only until you started to close the box. When you closed it, the retreated back to there side of the box, awaiting the next time you opened it.
"It's beautiful!" Kamome cried, fighting the urge to throw her arms around him.
"I saw you looking at it. There was a long line. I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner.
"It's fine." She said cheerfully, taking the music box from him.

You whispered in my ear, the words I longed to hear…

He scooted closer to her and began to talk to her.
"I was real glad when you asked me to come with you. I've always admired you…" He blushed although it wasn't in his face, but in his voice. "But I think that admiration turned toward fondness and-" She cut him off there. "I've always had a crush on you." She said in a small voice. "And to hear you say those words…" He bent his head towards her and her head up to his until their lips touched.

I wished that we could stay below the thousand lights and never let it fade, our paper lantern night…

They like that for a few moments longer then he broke off from her. "I think it's time we went home." He said, grabbing her hand once and only this time they walked side by side, away from the festival and toward their homes.

Beneath the silver moon I held you endlessly

And danced the night with you

'Cause you were meant for me

The lights above the skies

Were burning in your eyes

I gave my heart to you that

Paper lantern night

But when you went away

All the lights turned faint and gray

All the darkness in the night

Never thought we'd say goodbye

So I hold it all inside

But I never will forget

'Cause I will always think of when

All the stars were shining bright

Like the light shining in your eyes

As we danced all day and night

Underneath the lantern sky

And I held your hand in mine

Underneath the lantern sky

A magical surprise

You gave me there that night

You whispered in my ear,
The words I longed to hear

I wished that we could stay

Below the thousand light

And never let it fade,

Our paper lantern night