"Come to me; come to me my love." I am defenseless and cannot move. He has me under his spell. I can no longer see him; for he has engulfed me in his eternal darkness. His touch sends shivers up and down my spine. He whispers in my ear; "You are mine now." I feel something sharp on my neck and then I am intense pain. When suddenly I am awoken, I realize I have had the same nightmare that I have had since I was a child. I shiver for it all felt so real. The pain, the icy breath, the touch, all felt so real. I get up and go into the bathroom. I turn on the water and splash it up to my face. I look at my face and through the reflection, I see him. I quickly turn around but see nothing. No one is there. I am hallucinating; I am seeing things that are not there. I go back to bed and fall asleep with fear swarming through my veins because someone is here; someone I cannot see; watching me. I wake up sometime later and am drawn to go into the bathroom. As I enter there is blood everywhere; the bathtub is filled with blood overflowing and the mirror has blood writing on it. It reads, "Come into me, my dear love. I need you to survive, come to me." I fall to my knees and back away and then, I see the figure that is always haunting my dreams. He comes closer and closer and then I pass out.

"Gina, Gina, are you awake?" I open my eyes and see my friend Jayde looking at me.

"What... are you doing here?" I ask hazily sitting up.

"You said you would go shopping and help me find my wedding dress yesterday remember? I know it was not like you unless something was up so I called and called and since you never answered; I came to check on you. Are you ok?" I was not okay. I get up and run into the bathroom; there is no blood, anywhere. I fall down and breathe heavily. Something is terribly wrong with me.

"Gina, do you need to go to the doctor?" Jayde asked me coming in.

"No, I have just felt a bit sick, sorry about yesterday."

"It's fine, if you are up to it today, want to go?"

"Ok, give me half an hour to get ready." She goes into my living room and watches the television. I jump into the shower. The warm water feels so good. I bend my head over and let the water run through my hair and get my face. As I look up, I see him again coming towards the shower and though I try to move, I cannot. He reaches his hand out and says; "Join me, my love." I start to shake, harder than I ever had before. That is all I remember as I fall into a deep nightmarish sleep with him chasing me and getting me.

"Gina! Gina! What has happened? Are you awake? Please baby wake up." I slowly open my eyes to see my boyfriend Shawn crying over me.

"Shawn, what is the matter? I just passed out, I'm fine."

"Gina… you have been in a coma for two weeks. They said you were having compulsions when they got there and you were screaming and then, just like that, you feel asleep. I'm so glad you are okay Gina. I brought you roses." I weakly turn and face towards the hospital table and see about 3 dozen roses next to me.

"Thank you so much Shawn." I realize I am hooked up to a bunch of machines and they have drugged me heavily up.

"Gina, you are fine! I'm so glad!" Jayde comes in and has a huge basket of chocolates. "I'm so glad you are okay! I brought you your favorite chocolates since I could not think of what to get you."

"Thanks. I'm so sorry about not being able to go shopping with you, did you find a dress?"

"Yeah, I really like it and its fine. You could not help it. I just hope you can come to the wedding in a month."

"I should be better. I would hope." I smiled. I was glad to have awoken. I was sick of the nightmares. I remain in the hospital for two more days. They could find nothing that caused my convulsions or my coma. After being home for a few days, I go shopping with Jayde and she helps me pick out the maid-of-honor dress. I am so very honored that she picked me to be her maid-of-honor. I hang the dress in my closet and anxiously await the day of her wedding. I have a bad feeling about it but I do not tell her so. My nightmares and hallucinations have been getting worse. They seem so real. I ask my boyfriend Shawn if he would be willing to stay with me because I feel awful and he agrees. I do not tell him of the man who is in my nightmares. He stays with me. I now have a new symptom; I am shaking constantly now. I had a cup of coffee and I began to shake intensely and dropped it. It shattered and cut my leg. From that point on, I would not stop shaking. The doctors tried to figure out what was wrong but no one could. I am sitting on my bed waiting for Shawn to come back from visiting his family when there is a knock on the door. I shakily answer it and it is Jayde.

"Hey Gina, are you getting any better?"

"No, look Jayde, if you pick another maid-of-honor, it will be fine with me. I do not want to ruin your wedding."

"Gina… I don't care. You have been my best friend since we were young. I want you to be my maid-of-honor even if you are shaking constantly. I would never replace you."

"Thanks Jayde, it means so much to me." I hug her and she leaves. Then Shawn appears and he looks very upset.

"Hey Shawn, is something wrong?" I ask coming towards him.

"Gina… my mother was rushed to the hospital; they don't think she is going to make it." I wrap my shaking arms around him and he sobs.

"Shawn… go to her. I'll be fine. I cannot go to the hospital and see her in the state I'm in."

"Are… are you sure Gina?" He looks into my eyes with his deep brown ones.

"Yes, I'll be fine." He kisses me and then leaves. I realize I will be alone and leave the lights turn on and try to fall asleep. I fall asleep for a while when I am awakened by a loud bang. I open my eyes and realize the lights I let on are out and the window is open. It is raining out and the winds outside are strong.

"Shawn… are you home?" I ask nervously. I realize my shaking has stopped and the only thing I feel is intense fear. I walk slowly towards the window when something jumps on it. I fall down and see him. It is the man in my nightmares, but now I know what he looks like. He has pale skin, black spiked hair, and intense blue eyes. He smiles and comes in.

"Hello, my darling, we finally meet face to face." I back away and as I hit one of my walls, I am frozen.

"Who… who are you? Wha… what do you want?" I ask standing up as he comes closer.

"Why my dear, I want you." He smiles and I see his fangs. I realize I am not dreaming and fall to the ground in a state of panic. Realizing I cannot escape, I wrap my arms around my head and neck and sob. I feel his cold hand touch me.

"It's all right my darling, everything will be all right." That is all I remember before I am in his arms. And in his arms, I fall asleep. His touch, his spell, binds me.

A/n: Ok, this is the beginning of one of my new stories I'm working on, I hope you liked it. Will get better I promise! Enjoy!