Chapter 2: Wedding Day

I am awoken by rays of sunlight coming through my window. I realize I am still not shaking anymore and I know I was not dreaming. I go through my house and everything seems normal although I know that he was here last night. Shawn comes home soon after and his face is red from crying. He does not have to tell me what happened, I already know. He lays his head on my shoulder and I wrap my arms around him. I feel so bad for him. His father left him when he was three and his mother is the only person in his family that has been there and stuck by him. She was diagnosed with cancer last year and they gave her sixth months. He was devastated.

"I'm so sorry Shawn. Is there anything I can do because I will…?"

"No Gina… oh Gina, you have always stuck by me through good and bad through these last four years. I was saving this for Valentine's Day but, I know I need to now." He pulls back and gets on his one knee and from his coat pocket, pulls out a box.

"Oh my god Shawn, you really don't…"

"Gina, I knew from the first moment I met you I wanted to be with you. Please Gina, will you marry me?" He looks up into my eyes with his deep green ones.

"Oh Shawn, of course I will, I love you." I wrap my arms around him and I cry too. This day has its ups and downs. He slips the ring on my finger.

"Hey, I'm sorry Gina for getting all sapping on you about my mom."

"No Shawn, I am always here for you no matter what." He kisses me and then, I start to see things again.

"What are you doing marrying him? You belong with me, come to me, come to me!" Shawn has turned into the strange figure now and is coming toward me.

"No, no stay away!!!" I back up and scream out. I hear Shawn saying its me Gina but I only see the figure in my nightmares that has haunted me for so long.

"Come on, we can be together." I see the icy eyes, the jet black hair the dark cold voice and I slide to the ground.

"Get away, get away! I won't go with you!!!!!" That's all I remember before fading into sleep, again.

"Gina, baby, are you ok?" I wake up and see Shawn over me.

"Oh Shawn, I'm so sorry."

"Gina, what has been going on with you?" I see that he is dead serious and so, I decide to tell him. I sigh and sit up.

"Now, you may think I'm crazy but…" I told him the whole stories, the part about me having these visions since I was a little girl up to the point were I was telling him to get away.

"Oh wow, Gina is that what caused you shaking?"

"I think so and it's really scaring me Shawn, I don't know what I will do next and it's worrying me."

"I will be here for you and I promise I will not let him take you away."

"Are you sure that you can protect her and love her as much as I can?" My eyes open wide as I see a figure slowly appearing out of nowhere, I know it is my nightmare.

"That's him," I say quietly.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Shawn asks.

"Who am I? Do you really want to know? I am the being that inflicts this beautiful lady over here with nightmares every night, I am he one who loves her more than you ever could, my name is Vex and I have come for her, try as hard as you might to stop me, but there is no way you can." He walks closer and closer.

"Go away! Please go away!" I call out. As he reaches out for Shawn, a force field throws him back.

"Damn you girl." He says and with that he is gone.

"Gina… you do know who Vex is… don't you?" Shawn looks at me with concern.

"No… why?"

"He is the great grandson of the most powerful vampire of all, Lex and he wants you."

"I thought vampires don't exist…"

"They did long ago and were sealed away. Now I believe that Vex has found a way to come here."

"Why is he after me for???????" I ask panicking

"Well, Lex fell in love with a human girl but she betrayed him and was the one that learned the magic to seal them all away and Lex made a prophesy that one of her grandchildren would belong to his great grandson and… oh Gina, I don't want to say the rest. The worst part of it is Gina, it's you."

"Well, why could he not touch me?"

"Because before your great grandmother or something like that died, she but a blessing on you, that you would be strong enough to protect yourself but, if Vex finds the way that the spell is broken, he will have you."

"Then… how has he been able to get to me in my dreams?"

"Because those are the things that connect you to the sealed away world and because you do not have power in you dreams."

"How do you know all this Shawn?"

"Well, now I have a confession, I'm into all this sort of stuff and have been reading it for a while." I smile.

"As long as I got you Shawn, I'm as safe as I'll ever be."

"Hey, Jayde picked you out a dress because her wedding is next week." He goes to my closet and pulls it out. It is long and a light pale pink color.

"Oh wow, it's gorgeous; I must call and thank her." The rest of the week goes by quickly, wedding rehearsals, last minute shopping sprees, etc. Then, finally, the day of her wedding arrives. All is well until they are about to kiss when suddenly, Vex appears.

"Gina, this time it's for real!" He calls out and, using his long nails, sticks his hand through Jayde's and her husband's shoulder. They fall to the ground.

"Jayde!" I call out and as I try to rush to her, Shawn grabs me and holds me back.

"I got her for you master, she is all yours now." He says and starts to laugh. My eyes open wide and I realize that I have been betrayed…

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