My Way

By Lissa Howe

The moonlight touches the water,

The waves crash on the beach,

I know that I'm alone for some reason,

That maybe I should run and hide,

Run to the mountains and jump so that I can fly,

Run to the sea and swim to the end of the world,

Run across the barren regions so I can hide my face,

Any place,

But here

Run anywhere,

Anywhere that I can cover my self with divine,

Warm Light,

I don't want see a familiar face in a familiar place,

My face is plated with fear when I realize that I'm alone,

I don't want to see anything the same nothing that's tame,

Something new and exotic,

I want to get on a rocket and fly to the moon,


Much further then that!

I want to go to another galaxy,

On the other side of the universe,

I want to meet a wizard and become his apprentice,

I want to fight a dragon and marry a handsome prince,

I want to cower in the presence of a god and win his approval,

I want nothing more then to be loved and simply have things my way.