Be by writerforever

For so long

I have been caged

Been letting people make me someone else

Always afraid to speak out

Always afraid to defend what I believe in

Always being the good little ol' boy

The one that everyone thinks

Is a nice person and all

But they also think he's empty headed

To dumb to think for himself

I've been afraid

To break the image that people have made of me

To ask questions

To be who I really am

To live

Finally the day has come

I am ripping away the bars of my cage

I am standing up

Standing tall

Gonna show who I really am on the inside

Gonna throw away the remote

The remote that has been controlling me

Like a robot

Here I go

I'm going to live

I'm going to be free

I'm going to laugh

I'm going to cry

I'm going to speak out

I'm going to shout loud

No more hiding

No more being a robot

I'm just gonna be me

I'm gonna be…