There's a longing
Deep within my heart
I can feel it slowly growing

I hear the beating
It's getting faster
Louder now, it hurts much more

There's a tear daring to fall from my eye
There's a smile tugging at the corner of my lips

But I know
This is all a lie
There's no truth in these feelings
You pretend you hide

Misery is what feel
But I just can't get enough
She's all I want
She's all I need
I can't stand her
But I want her beside me

There's an empty space
In this gloomy room
The darkness is slowly growing

I can see the shadow
It's getting closer
Clearer now, it's you that I see

There's a tear daring to rip my heart
There's a smile playing on your lips

But I know
This is all a game
There isn't much for you to say
Why don't you just go away?

Misery is what I feel
But I just can't leave
You're all I want
You're all I need
But I don't want you
Here with me

'Coz everything about you
Makes me feel so confused

She's my first thought at the start of the day
And she's the last thing on my mind at night

No matter how I try...
This'll remain a lie...

There she goes
Out of the room
Her beautiful face
Looking back at me

One last look
Before you go
This tear I'll shed
Will hurt me so

I'll break my heart
'Coz I love you
I'll rip it out
'Coz you'll never love me too

The wounds are stinging
The pain grows stronger
I'll tear my heart out
'Coz I want you by my side

You're my misery
You're all I want
All I need

You're my misery
I can't get enough
But I can't stand you