Summary: Thea is new girl in the quiet town of Candlewood; quiet for a strange reason as she sees with the many posters of missing children, small classroom size, houses for sale, and early curfew. What happened to lost kids in the town and just what lurks about preying? She is about to find out babysitting for a much more than obnoxious eight-year-old girl…


"See that house over there?" A girl on a bike pointed at a three story white house covered in vines

"The huge three story Victorian one?" Thea the new girl of just a dew days ask the girl whom she just met on her first day of school

"There lives the anti-Christ in the form of an eight-year-old girl who looks like Shirley Temple. She is the biggest and nastiest brat, I feel sorry for anyone who has to put up with her"

"Oh come on, everyplace has their 'Veruca Salts'" She kidded

"She's more than your average Veruca Salt"

Thea didn't know exactly what was happening in the small quietly eerie town of Candlewood but from the minute she first arrived she knew there was indeed something lurking about the empty streets preying, something in the form of the innocent and the hunted...