Bathrooms, She Didn't Like It


One step, then another forward

Now, plug your nose, into the stench beyond

Funny thing, why people have never heard

Of flushing the toilet after you've gone


The intense chatter with abominable words

So much for a sanctuary, since nothing is censored

Oh my, now there's writing on the wall, dear goodness

A sign to the establishments general business


Believe me, sometimes necessity can be overruled

Don't let the absurd pigsty have you fooled

Go at home, if you know what I mean

The public restrooms can be quite a fiend

Now, parting on a message out of good will

A hearty complaint from someone who went, still

What can I say, except that she was enthralled

The fact was

"She didn't like it, she didn't like it at all!"


October 7, 2005


A/N: Yay for randomness. Dedicated to I can't believe it's over, for requesting the topic "Bathrooms". Hope you enjoyed.