The Voices of Truth

Am I not meant to be happy?

Am I not supposed to have friends?

Is my life really worth nothing?

Will these questions matter in the end?

Are you supposed to ignore me?

Or leave me standing in the rain?

Can I have no one to love me?

Am I freaking going insane?

Do I really even have to try?

When you'll just shun me away?

Why can't someone notice?

Why do I smile in vain?

Is my heart forever broken?

Has it ever been whole at all?

Am I supposed to die alone?

How did I even fall?

Does this pit have some sort of bottom?

Or am I just screaming to scream?

How could you leave me like this?

Is this really not just a dream?

Why can't you just let me die?

Would you rather see me like this?

Am I not to know what love is?

How could your blows freaking miss?

Is my loneliness reality?
Or is this some kind of trick?

Why must I protest the hurt?

Why was I the one to pick?

But in a shadowy hallway

I find that I'm not alone

The voices in my head are growing

Soon they'll make themselves know

The pain I guess I can handle

As long as I have my pen

And that bloody piece of paper

To write down my angst again