General Issue, General Issue!
I just killed you and it was a directive
Wasn't my decision but the hierarchy's intention
I just got extended time for a few more months
General Issue, General Issue, here I come

The president just announced once more that he is right
Gives us big TVs and other incentives so we can boost the fight
But each roadside bomb gone off, each trooper shot to death
Makes me feel how far away from home I am really am
Makes me kind of wonder why I just killed you
Makes me wonder about my purpose through and through
And the thousands out there like me may fire an M-16
Yet we still have a sense of the president's relentless war machine
The people at home support us, Bush claims; and they're saying to get out
If he picked his false rhetoric out of his ears he can hear the world shout
That, "we want no more plundering by the imperialists"
And I agree: being a soldier doesn't make me a guinea pig!

I just killed you, participant of my quota
The media says "terrorists" but I see a normal person
And I and many others are forced to fight along this line
Nearly 2,000 of us dead, and 40,000 of us with fucked up minds

Even though I killed you, you saw them playing with my arms
"Recruited" and shipped me overseas so I could pump some rounds
General Issue, General Issue – they said; guess that makes me a patriot
And I got my gun loaded and I'm never looking back

Note: I am not a soldier for the United States, and I am not claiming to represent all soldiers in this piece. This is merely one viewpoint, expressed by true soldiers overseas in Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. I am also not trying to lessen the American soldiers in this piece, but instead trying to show viewers that those in the service are capable of realizing what the Bush administration promotes: capitalist and imperialist savagery. No matter how many politicians and zealots try to cover up this fact, the testimony of Vietnam holds strong with the analogous quagmire in Iraq today.