These accounts will be rather short since this is about some true events (a few things have been added for dramatization purposes) in my life. It's hard to write a lot when you're writing about yourself lol. But I hope that you will enjoy these accounts and be touched by them as I have been touched in living them : ). Thanks!


The Healing Rain by writerforever

Based on true events

A small rural farm in Kentucky

Tears slid down my cheek as I sat in my room in the darkness. My heart was heavy and sadness consumed me. I'd never felt this way before. I felt so alone even though my parents were in the other room. I felt afraid and just…depressed. I had just lost my best and only friend, Lethan. He had moved away without even saying goodbye to me. He had ignored me and now I was heartbroken.

Depression had been on the border line of my life. It constantly raised its evil head up and whispered in my ear. It came in the night ready to consume me. I had fought it away for so long but now…I had given in to it, let it consume me. It didn't really matter now anyway. I had lost the one person in my life that I had cared for so much. I had trusted mine and Lethan's friendship, I had believed in it. Now it was gone, forever. What would I do without a best friend? I was alone all the time anyway since I was home schooled and lived at the dead end of an old country road on a farm with just my parents as companions. I was very sheltered and didn't get to go to many places. Life seemed to no longer have a meaning. I hated waking up in the mornings and facing another seemingly endless day.

I curled up into a little ball on the floor and cried. Memories flashed through my mind, wonderful memories, of that one summer me and Lethan had spent together. We were closer than brothers and had done everything together. Now he was gone. I was once again, alone. I felt like I had lost myself. I spent my days moping around and being utterly miserable, thinking that I would never have another best friend.

You changed my world

When you entered my life

I thought that I had finally found

Found a bosom friend

Someone I could share my heart with

Someone that would be there for me

And I could be there for you

Someone that would walk with me

Through the fire

Through the storms of life

But I drove you away

Not meaning too

And now you're gone

And I'm feeling lost

I regret the past

I regret saying the things I said

Now I don't know what to do

Now I'm all alone

Feeling heartbroken and lost

Everything I see

Reminds me of you

And the friendship we shared

Now I know

The me without you is a lie

I need your friendship

Because without it I'm lost


Yes, I felt lost and alone. I went about feeling sorry for myself. The pain of losing a best friend is sometimes too much to bear. To lose the one you love so much is almost like dying, not physically, but emotionally.

Slowly I began to get worse and worse. Depression had consumed me fully. That's when my parents began to worry about me. Things started changing for me, drastic changes.

Then one day my dad came to me while I was reading in my room.

"Son, how would like to have a horse around for awhile?" dad asked.

I was not at all interested in a horse. We had had many in the past but had sold all of them now. The thoughts of having a horse didn't lift my spirits at all but I said:

"I…guess it would be…kind of fun," I said, wanting to make my dad happy.

"Great! You're Uncle David has asked us to board his Passafino mare. He says she's had some rough treatment because he's been letting his son-in-law board her. He wants us to take care of her now and maybe buy her later on," dad said.

I just nodded and went back to reading.

"A horse. Do they really think that's going to help me?!" I thought to myself with disgust.

But when Elli came into my life things would change for me, again. Only this time I would experience something so wonderful that even I would find it unbelievable!

To Be Continued…