I'm sorry this piece is so short but I'm just taking it slow and piecing everything together. I'm not exactly sure what all Elli went through before she came to our farm but my uncle told me a lot of what he saw happen to her. So that's where I got the information for this piece, that's why it's so short. Hope it's not a disappointment. Thanks for the reviews so far : ).



The next morning Elli is awakened by the sound of a running motor. She raises up her head and looks towards the old barn. She sees the man on his four wheeler, him and a young man. They are approaching her in the field. Elli rises to her feet and perks her ears forward. The four wheelers are drawing closer. She knows the men are going to try and catch her.

As the four wheelers came upon her she became frightened and began to run. But to her horror she realized that the barbed wire fence was blocking her way so she ran towards the four wheelers and swerved around them. The men were yelling and that, along with the humming of the four wheelers, frightened her and caused her heart to pound wildly. Her eyes rolled back and her nostrils flared as she galloped through the field.

This terrible feeling, this feeling of fear, caused the mare to shake all over. The frightening chase was soon over when the men finally cornered Elli and managed to put a halter on her. They drug her into the back of a red trailer and slammed the doors shut. In the dark the mare let out a loud shriek.

One of the men kicked the side of trailer and yelled:

"Shut up you stupid beast!"

The truck that the trailer was hooked to was started and it lurched forward causing the mare to almost collapse. But she regained her balance and peered out through the bars of the trailer. Where was she going? Would it be a better place?

To Be Continued…