The gods had left. The Lady cried; her tears cleansed the seas of blood. It was there she made her home, for the water soothed her pain. The Land reformed, the trees and rivers returned, and the people of the Aeldvia were born of the waters. For eons, they ruled the land with a just and wild hand, and allowed nature to bloom.

Then came the day of Darkest Night, and after, there was only chaos. However, from within the darkness, out of the fires, came a prophecy. And it gave the first glimmer of light to a world enshrined in darkness.


She sang to the gods, her family, and mate

They answered back to show her fate

Lady of sea

Empress of light

Set in motion the path to bar out the night

A man from the mists, the one you shall wed

Yet bear two daughters in a Grange Lord's bed

But time shall pass, as time will do

And time will rip apart those dear two


Of the lady and the man

No more shall be heard

Until the Baelti awake, and the flame is lured

Only if the two unite

Is there hope to win the fight

The land and sea will be set aright


Lady of fair

Lady of near

Greater powers be

But simple blood demands a fee

As to peace, who shall say

If it ever comes to stay.


When the baelti are vanquished from this place

An ancient wrath must still be faced

Hardship and loss, and betrayed

An immense sacrifice must still be made

A greater destiny is still in store

And learned by those whose strength endures


A love found, love lost, love regained

Another bond forged one unexplained

A bond of sufferance, a bond of war

The call of magic, the pull of lore

Countries fight, and warriors die

One who remains can never cry.


For ages past, blood was spilt

For mages greed, and one man's guilt

Now a time of grace may come

If the fight for fair souls is won

And of two powers, sisters be

A clan newborn, of land and sea

And through these many years of strife

The gods reclaim abandoned lands

And give it life.


Rain fell hard that dawn, replacing the tears of a people who could not cry for the greatness of what they had lost. The great dwellers of the skies were separating.

"I am sure of this; it's the only way." The Skydream ran a hand through his charcoal colored hair, and turned away from his friend. It pained him, almost physically, to think of what he would have to do that day.

"If you go with them, perhaps the gods may change their minds, and then you can return…"

"There is no chance. Even if the gods would relent, I could not. The Magi under my watch have turned to Dark Magik; they follow in the path of the Mages towards evil and destruction. That I cannot allow, or forgive." Rhosyn turned his face in the direction of the people gathered below the balcony; a grimace passed over his countenance.

"You can not hold yourself accountable for this, Rhosyn. As Skydream, you are held to protect the Portal of the Gods, and to ward the libraries. You are not meant to be a babysitter for every man who has the skill to become one of the Magi!" Mendrigin inwardly cursed his friend, for his belief in the good of other men would always bring him disappointment, and pain.

"The Heicanth volumes are safely hidden in the Library, to be discovered by one who is able to become the next Skydream. Only they will be able to enter the Land of the Gods through the Graven path. I will wait for the time when the key will be found." Mendrigin was not quite sure what Rhosyn meant, but he did not ask. He wasn't sure he wished to understand.

Turning back outward to the large group who had gathered below the balcony of the Library, Rhosyn shouted, "You have brought upon yourselves a great suffering, but I shall not let you endure this forever, alone. Banished you might be, but there will come a time when our people will unite again, and a new Skydream will be born. Until then, I wait, as you shall."

Rhosyn whispered something to himself with grief written upon his features, and then he watched as the wings of the crowd rippled, then turned a midnight black. There was a fearful murmur begun among them, but Rhosyn began to speak again.

"This is our mark of shame, and we will bear it until the time when we can return to Anathalos." Sure enough, Rhosyn's wings had also become shining ebony. A curse for an innocent.

"Now it is time." With another word so powerful time itself seemed to stop, Rhosyn sent his people down to the place of soil. Another surprise waited them there; they could not keep their wings, but they would soon understand.

"I must go, and wait. You will become Skysoar here, a half of Skydream. I have appointed the other half, a Skysong, to lead the ones who have been banished. When it is time, a new Skydream will appear." As he finished speaking, Rhosyn kissed his old comrade's forehead. Then, with a slight shimmer, vanished. Medrigin was not sure he wanted to know where his friend had gone.

With a sigh, Medrigin set himself to his tasks, and the rain kept falling. It fell for another seven days.