A/N: Sometimes my thoughts scare me...I think in circles, kinda. So I never really come to a conclusion. Anyways, R&R me, I'll R&R you. L8a loves, keep writing.





Tears fallin' down my face
You are such a big disgrace
Crying inside, dying inside
There's a suicide note you should probably write
I didn't mean to, didn't mean to at all...
Yea, but you had to have known it'd all go wrong
Get over it, move on, I'll forgive myself
Kill yourself. You know you're on the fast road to hell
I don't think I need to beat myself up for this-
You're a bitch, you're an idiot, you deserved it
I apologized-and everyone said it was okay
They lied to you, believe it, for the 50th time today
I don't think my friends are liars
I think you should never trust your friends
They tell me what's going on
Do they ever tell you what you're doing wrong?
Maybe if I didn't hold onto everything
They're dying to leave the second you let go
What if they were planning on staying?
Is that really a risk you'd try taking?
It might not hurt to let people in
It'll hurt like hell when they want out
My friends love me. They care.
Yea, okay. Whatever you want to hear...
I doubt them too much, that's all
You doubt everything 'cause its all your fault
Nothing that bad is ever going on...
You're not one to play optimist, hon
Sometimes I just wish someone loved me back
Deal with it, dear. No chance in that
I try. It's hard to accept...
Nobody would give you a decent chance
Can't you just go away?
Maybe if you didn't make it easy for me to stay...