Starry, starry night


She lay on the grass in the Earth's wet embrace

And stared at the night arcing around her

Heart tapping out a foreign, stumbling tattoo

That threatened to stifle, to overwhelm


She wondered.

-- Even as time's sands dwindled

(and blew away) --

If she would have been alone like she was


If everyone else knew…


The stars shone feverishly--(too bright, too bright)

As she gripped at the leaves beneath her

Eyes wide, trembling

Fighting to sink through the dark greenness

Or fall into the beckoning sky

– To be lost to her senses,

And banish the plague,

Ravaging, consuming

Clawing its way through her body


Her world wheeled

Twirling softly

Spinning on its broken axis

To the steady rhythm of her pain

She smiled through the tears that slid,

Unheeded, over thin cheeks,

And breathed

As the darkness slipped into her eyes

Giving night its final cloak –


she watched, vision fading

And the stars slowly winked out one by one.


A/N: Whoo! Haven't written for so long. Did everyone get what was going on? A friend went and gave me a highly amusing version of what he thought happened (his penname is truth is subjective, go check his stuff out!) now I want to know what y'all think. Be a darling and leave a review please?:)