Can the day be so long?
And the night so far away?
Time stands firm
Ever unmoving
Drifting along by your day
But the moment the sky turns red
And the safety of the sunset ensues
As the clouds shine purple
And the sky a bloody red
Deep contrasts to the royal blue of the sea
And the brightness of the white villa
Sitting on the sand
Lines of light cut the waters
Skimming along the waves
And bouncing in the tide
As the sky blue turns to purple
And red
However more beautiful
Bright fish flit out of sight
As the dolphins dive for the night
Splashing a fountain of spray
That is so white it blocks the sunset
And for a split second
It is night
The horizon is dim and unchanging
A haze in the fog of the evening
But the sunset is clear
It slices a chunk of blue
Out of the sky
Replaces it with bloody red
And orange
But yellow turns to black
Can we see it?
A light so bright it cannot se seen
And a darkness so black it is bright
Shining shadows and shimmering ghosts
Of all coloured things
Which are leeched of their splendour
As the sunset arrives
And red replaces yellow
In a net of safety
And you can see the Maker's smile
As He observes a sleepy world
And the flowers
And the humans
And the animals and birds
Curl up
And sleep

Blankness blanket
A safety ring for red and yellow eyes
Peering through the shroud
Of a quiet land
Who are not asleep
But wade the world
And tear the safety away
To stalk
As monsters appear from the shadows
That we once admired
And we realise we are not alone
As sleep is shook
And fearful eyes widen at the sight
Of nothing
Or everything
But who can tell except the red eyes
And the grey thoughts
Of nothing
That haunt
our dreams and stalk us at day

Black sleep
Of nightmares and fear
But then the flowers
And the humans
And the animals and birds
Uncurl and wake
Frightened red and yellow eyes widen
At the smell of day
But linger no more
When a head of orange peers over
The greening land
Awake world!
Awake and sing
The sun is woke and shines once more
Yellow reigns again and night is gone
As the fire of life spreads into all
And the day
Of long
And time unchanging