love doesn't pay.

no way to go..

I think

I wasn't born to love

on even to be loved

I'm here to be stain in the multitude

I wanted to be a boy

no tears anymore

but boys cry too.

love doesn't pay

it never saved me from dying

I died so many times being alive

maybe I didn't give love welcome

I was afraid so much.

I'm brat

trying to give the best

to be free like wind in the end

no way to hide

what I'm

blowing away

sorrow stays deep into heart

deeply sorrow in my heart.

you'll lose my grip someday

I'll be alone again

it will you never found me

so I never felt for somebody.

no way to tell

if there's love

between you and me

past will make future

while we live in

unpleasant present.

I killed myself

love wont hurt me

like you hurt me.