Title: The Vietnam Within
Author: Marianya
Date developed: Feb. 5, 01
Date revised: Feb. 5, 01


Author's Notes:

If you are wondering, yes I am 100% born Vietnamese BY BLOOD. And I am
proud of it. I am, however, born here in the states in '81. So no I
do NOT have any recollection of the war or Vietnam for that matter.


The Vietnam Within

I remember stories
Of a land far from home
Where waterfalls were pure
And the nature was gold

I remember the pictures
Smiles on their faces
Never thinking the end was near
Not in Saigon, of all places

The war came and went
And my family ran away
To the US they came
And here they stay

They never looked back
Never went back to the past
Memories began to fade
And never seem to last

I grew up hearing the war in class
Reading the war in books
Never once did I question
Why is it not what it looks?

I am older now
Born and raised in the states
Now I wonder, what I missed
Of the land tainted by fate

Now I sit here and dream
Of a land so far away
Tickling my imagination
Asking me to come and play

And now I wonder if
I should go to the place I long
Would that be the best idea
Is Vietnam where I belong?