::This is a ranting of mine. Please forgive me, but walking down the halls of my school, I realized just how dumb freshmen are. I have to literally yell at them to get them to move, and they wonder, why they have a bad rep. I'm a senior this year, I'm allowed to do this. Please R&R. Gamista::

Harsh Cruel Realities

Every school has a reality
Usually it's good
Not my school

My school is full
Of a harsh, cruel
And painful reality

The school motto is
Kill or be killed.
It is kind of cliché, but it's true

No one is safe from the seniors
We can smell a
Freshman a mile away

We pick on them,
Because they are
The perfect targets

I understand I was one
Just a few years ago,
And I am living up to the Senior Potential

I don't shove people in lockers
I just shove them out of my way
If they get in it

Parents, be warned,
Your high school students
Aren't crying for nothing

They are crying
Because we pick on them
Not because they got a 'D' in math

Don't be fooled by alonely senior
When it comes time
We will always rise to the occasion...as one!