The First Time
By Selenity Jade
Rated: PG13

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Dylyan frowned as he stared at the man across from him. He was positive he hadn't heard the man right. Unfortunately, he feared he had.

"You want what?" Dylyan asked in a deceptively calm voice.

"I want you," the man began as if speaking to a child. "I want you for one night in my room upstairs."

Dylyan brushed his black hair back from his face irritably. "I'm a man."

"Actually, I'd call you a boy," the older man agreed.

"I'm sixteen!" Dylyan growled.

"And I'm forty-seven. It doesn't matter."

"Look, I'm not interested in men."

"You don't have to be, I just want to pay-"

"Nor am I interested in whoring myself out to a man!"

"Look, boy," the man started angrily.

"Look, nothing. I am not for sale, I don't do men, and I'm going now."

The man growled and grabbed Dylyan by his shirt to stop him. "I don't think so. With that face of yours, you have to have done it before, and I want you upstairs now."

Dylyan's eyes narrowed dangerously. "You want what?"

"You heard me, boy."

"I thought so."

Ten minutes later, Dylyan walked out of the inn and down the dirt road that led out of town. It wasn't until he reached the gates that it hit him.

That was the first time I killed a man.

He felt the urge to be horribly sick, but swallowed it down. He had been so angry that the man wouldn't take no for an answer. He had drawn his sword almost immediately and within moments had beaten the man. He had killed him with almost no thought and had walked away still angry at the insult.

Dylyan was forever fending off advances because he looked so... He grimaced. There was no other word for it other than beautiful. Almost femininely so.

It won't be the last man I kill over it.

But in these times with the wars they way they were, he wasn't at all surprised. Soldiers far from their women and their homes took pleasure in anything they could find, even young boys they could convince or force into bed.

He was violently ill in the bushes just beyond the gates.


AN: Just a random side story to Starrlei. ;