ink secrets clamor from the closure, (her) lips tingling. nervous smile like phantasms hindering from past transgressions freeze into the clockwork - time unforgiven. this girl blushes & stares (at the boy) in shame.

'ink secrets don't keep'

she caresses this statement like a mantra, soundwaves sizzling in her hair.

his girl contorts into a horrorbeauty, the hideous reality perverting her visage (medusa-ed so perfectly that it was demeaning to call her such). cosmonautgirl heads for cover & the boy reaches for (his) girl attempting to capture her within him, evade her from the deception(s) he vomited to miss meteorshowers (thinking she wouldn't fracture the promise).

& (s)he screams 'casanova' convoluting the high(er) frequencies into hallucinogenic shades of mute(iny)