Hey all, this is just something I wrote over the summer. I only have about three chapters, but if you guys really like it, I might continue!


The St. James Twins

The sunset had faded like all the other fifteen years of sunsets that Rémy had seen. Its warm glow had dwindled to dismal fingers of light stretching over the western horizon. It watched and waited, almost protectively as the St. James twins and their friend Anna Monet hurried home before ever sinking below the cover of the suburban houses that inhabited the town of Helmuth.

Anna, who preferred to be addressed by her surname, Monet, waved a goodbye before disappearing into her own home.

The St. James twins, Rémy and Ries, continued on past Monet's house towards their own at 502 Shady Glen Court. The little white house with blue shutters that lay vacant next door now sported a SOLD sign on the dry lawn, Rémy noted as he and his sister entered their house, dropped their bookbags at the front door and kicked off their sneakers.

School was over for three months of summer vacation. But for Rémy and Ries there would be no sleepaway camps of beach getaways this year. In fact, there hadn't been for the past three years. Rémy really couldn't complain. Helmuth usually had enough excitement to last the summer.

They could smell dinner now. Mrs. St. James' face poked out of the kitchen doorway at them. "Wash up and come to the table." Ries and Rémy eagerly complied.

"Have you seen that house?" said Mr. St. James over steak and roast potatoes. "Sold today."

"Any idea who's moving in?" asked Ries. "Pass the bread please."

Her father shrugged as Rémy handed over the breadbasket. "Supposedly there are two children, at least one about your ages. A girl and a boy. Their family is coming in from the east. But that's all I know."

"So have you two got any plans for this summer?" said Mrs. St. James as she brought in the strawberry pudding.

"Oh, just the usual, Mom," Rémy helped himself to the pudding.

"Yeah," Ries chimed in. "The mall, the pool, the movies, et cetera, et cetera… you know, what normal teenagers do…"

Rémy snickered into his bowl. "But we're anything but normal."

"I just don't think messing with monsters around town is a very healthy way to spend your vacation," their mother began, but Ries rolled her eyes.

"If I recall, you two moved us here, to a place infested with hellspawned demons–note Mom, demons, not monsters–that love tormenting their local citizens year-round."

Spooning a second bowl of the pink concoction, Mr. St. James assured his wife, "Jennifer, it's quite healthy. They get out into the fresh air and they have their minds and bodies kept in fit condition. They're fifteen; Rémy and Ries can take god care of themselves, I'm sure."

Jennifer St. James sighed, but could not argue further.

Helmuth just happened to be situated on the gate between Earth and Hell. There was a regular flow of coming and going in the activities of Hell's demons and spirits. Rémy and Ries, however young, were responsible for sorting the more malevolent demons out of town. School interfered with this more often than not, as it was better for the entire Helmuth populace not to know that their peaceful lives were dependant upon a couple of teenagers.

Thankfully, Helmuth not only attracted fiendish spirits, but also an assortment of spiritualists and mystics, of which a good deal who were fakes, but the authentic ones were able to keep the chaos to a minimum while the St. James' were in school. Until summertime came around again.

Ries St. James exorcised spirits from the items, dwellings, or people they had attached themselves to. Rémy send demons back to the underworld. Extracting and banishing, however, was a different matter from killing. When faced with a pack of brutal, bloodthirsty creatures like last winter, it would take their combined skills to destroy them, so Ries and Rémy, despite the exasperations that sometimes came with each other, worked together.

Monet sometimes lent a hand. But 'sometimes' meant that she didn't let demon-fighting come before her schoolwork or artwork. So most of the time, it was just Rémy and Ries.

Neither could complain, really. Sibling bonding.