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Chapter one

Sebastian threw the newspaper and magazines down on the table in front of his two best friends, who broke away from a lazy kiss in curiosity. Sebastian didn't even notice the fact that the two were practically permanently joint at the lips now; they were both very attractive guys and were made for each other. Cole brushed electric blue hair from his face and his grey eyes scanned the pile as his boyfriend picked them up. Sebastian had always found it quite amusing to see the two sit together, or more often than not, see Nick curled up on Cole's lap, the blonde was tiny, barely 5'3" and used his small build to give himself a slightly vulnerable appearance so Cole was even more protective. They were so different, especially in appearance but so right for each other.

"Care to share Seb?" Nick asked, tipping his head to the side so that his boyfriend could access the smooth skin of his neck more easily.

"Read it." Seb urged, opening one particular magazine to a marked page, "Sophia told me this morning and I've had to put up with her crying every two minutes." Both Cole and Nick grimaced at the mention of Sophia.


Last week's Oscar party saw Hollywood's hottest teen couple, Jared Jones and Jonathon Weaver, arrive separately and avoid each other all night after a particularly nasty private break up.

Poor Jared has finally had enough of the music scene's bad boy, Jonathon Weaver, cheating on him.

Since the event Jared has made the decision to take a break from Jonathon of three years and of acting. He's admitted to us that he's unsure of when and if he'll be returning. All we can say is coma back soon Jared!

"She's actually cried?" Nick's green eyes moved to his best friend's face as Cole took the article to read. When Seb nodded he laughed and gave that perfect smile that had half of the girls at school fawning over him.

"Yeah." Seb's frown quirked into a smile," She's given me all of her Jared films though. Something about not wanting to be prolonging the agony of his estrangement from his one true calling in life." Nick grinned at the mocking of the annoying girl and turned to a sniggering Cole.

"Are you free on Friday?" Nick purred and brushed their lips together teasingly. He ignored Seb groan and roll his eyes at them.

"Of course." Cole smirked, "So it's seven on Friday at Seb's house for movie night?"

"You can bring the food." Seb announced and stood to follow the crowds to class. Nick and Cole had one last almost brutal kiss before Cole left to go to registration while Nick went with Seb.

"So how did things go?" Seb asked as they took their usual seat at the edge of the class. Nick sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He and Cole had been together for nearly six months but his boyfriend was so adamant at not going too fast that he was oblivious to the fact that Nick wanted to be able to do more than just kiss his boyfriend.

"That bad?" Seb frowned and Nick shrugged.

"I'm thinking of tying him down, maybe he'd notice then." Nick muttered and Seb laughed. Cole could be a little clueless sometimes.

Cole walked to class in his usual very aware state; he was permanently on the lookout for the guys that would jump him just because he was man enough to admit being gay and unashamed of his relationship. Luckily for some reason they were all crowding round Lucas and Sophia. Oh how he hated that couple. Most popular boy and girl at school yet it wasn't exactly popularity, everyone was just afraid of them. Sophia was Seb's cousin and lived with the poor guy, Cole was still wondering how anyone could remain sane after living with such a bitch but Seb claimed that out of school she wasn't really as bad as people thought.

"Class, new kid, new kid, class." The teacher grunted and sat down. Cole thought his form tutor was probably one of the coolest at the school, he didn't bother with last names and everyone called him Joe and he would come in every day with a hangover. "Shy Winters." He added, almost forgetting that said new kid had a name. There were a few sniggers and Lucas eyed him with contempt. Cole, along with most of the girls, eyed him with interest and appreciation.

Shy stood calmly, pale brown eyes were getting a good look at the class from under unnaturally bright red hair, cut into a fashionable slightly choppy style, roughly reaching his jaw line and falling over his eyes. He wore slightly baggy black trousers that hung low on his hips but not low enough to show off his underwear and he had a plan black short-sleeved shirt on.

"What sort of name is Shy?" Lucas asked rudely. Sophia smacked him in the back of the head with a sneer, "What?"

"It's okay." Shy interrupted before they could argue with a voice that Cole could only describe as pure silk, "I've always thought my parents were on speed when they named me." That earnt a laugh from everyone and Shy's light eyes darted round the room curiously.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jared Jones?" Sophia gushed. Shy actually scowled at that comment, and Sophia couldn't help but look offended.

"Unfortunately yes." He muttered and brushed his bangs from his eyes. "Am I allowed to sit down now?" Joe nodded absently and Shy moved to the seat in front of Cole, slouching in the chair and ignoring Sophia's squeaky anger at someone not being a fan of her favourite actor.

"Ignore her, I know her cousin and Jared Jones is the only thing other than hairspray that she can talk about without getting confused." Cole drawled, flicking long blue hair from his face. Shy's lips twitched at the corner and he twisted in his seat.

"I've learnt to ignore it." He admitted, "Uhm, Shy Winters." He held a hand out and Cole shook it.

"Cole McKenzie." He grinned.

"Also one of the resident fags." Lucas added as he slipped into the seat beside Shy. "I'd watch your ass if I were you." Shy simple arched an eyebrow in question.

"You're on the school sports teams correct?" He asked. Lucas nodded proudly, "So you're part of the few guys who shower together and compare dick sizes but you're a homophobe?" Lucas paled at the comment, "Closet case." Shy sniffed and swept away with the crowd. Cole frowned, the way the new kid said that suggested he was against gays, hopefully there wasn't going to be another antagonist around them now.

Shy could easily see why people hated Sophia Martins and Lucas Morrison. They were arrogant, opinionated, manipulative, vain and completely vile.

She'd already started flirting with him by third period and was asking him what he thought about being so similar to someone who was famous and what he thought about her dress. Lucas had already threatened him with bodily harm if he didn't stay away from the irritating blonde. He was tempted to go back to having home tutors if this was what school was always like.

There was, however, one person he could actually talk to without wanting to rip his eyeballs out.

"So what about Last Man Standing?" Nick asked as they shared the textbook for chemistry. He knew the content already due to an over enthusiastic tutor and the tiny blonde was happily ignoring the teacher in favour of talking to him.

"Some of it's okay, but they're tending to sound the same all the time lately." Shy said after a moment of thought.

"Venom?" Nick was doodling on his page, excellent little pictures of Sophia being murdered in gruesome ways.

"Awesome, I'm seeing them with some friends for like the fifth time in a couple of weeks." Shy gave Nick a red pen and the blonde grinned wickedly before adding large quantities of blood to all of the doodles.

"Man, I'd give anything to see them." Nick sighed, "My boyfriend and I wanted to see them but the tickets sold out before we got any." Shy nodded.

"I'm lucky I guess, I know a guy who is friends with them." Shy watched Nick give him a shocked look.

"You…" He trailed off.

"I what?" Shy raised an eyebrow and the blonde shook his head.

"For one I was expecting you to make some deranged homophobic comment just now and secondly, I'd kill to be you right now." Nick declared. Shy shrugged.

"Why should I care if you're gay or whatever? My two mates and my boyfriend were gay." Shy turned the page and began to answer the questions along with the rest of the chatting class. Nick was doing a goldfish impression beside him and he couldn't help but laugh quietly at him.

"Sebastian!" Sophia shrieked as she came into sight. Cole and Nick grimaced and Nick sighed when he saw Sophia's shadow following the insufferable blonde girl. "What are you doing talking to those bloody fags?" She demanded as she stopped beside Sebastian. He glared at her.

"I am a bloody fag." He hissed at her. She gave him a sympathetic look.

"I understand sweetie, I really do." She said patronisingly, "But just because your little friend is a freak it doesn't mean you have to copy him…" She carried on and Seb gave his friends an apologetic roll of the eyes. Cole smirked at him and Nick was too busy eyeing Fiona warily. The short brunette was torn between watching Sophia scold Sebastian and making lovesick faces at Nick.

"Hi Nick." She said sweetly, if a little hesitantly. Nick nodded in reply to the girl that was only an inch taller than him and leant back against Cole. The taller student wrapped his arms round him and Fiona's eyes fell to the floor. She never seemed to get the message.

"Holy shit that car has to be worthy more than my house." Cole exclaimed, grey eyes fixed on the sleek black Porsche. Lucas, who had been standing silently and unnoticed joined him in staring at it and gaped in a similar manner.

"Who's he?" Sebastian asked curiously, he must have been the only person there not to have met the new kid. He was torn between looking at the car and the incredibly hot redhead unlocking the door while talking into a mobile phone.

"Shy Winters." Nick supplied, "He's cool, I have Chemistry with him."

"He looks like Jared Jones!" Sophia gushed and Fiona joined her.

"His eyes are the wrong colour." Nick pointed out, "Shy's are hazel and Jared's are that really piercing icy blue. His hair is too short and he doesn't even dress like a movie star would."

"You are such a fag." Sophia sniffed in annoyance. "Come on Seb, Aunt Rhea said we have to help her with dinner tonight." Sebastian let her lead him away, his mind still on the new kid. Maybe Nick would introduce them at some point.

Nick was a little confused about his relationship with Cole. He was usually quite shy and had made sure no one ever knew about his sexuality and then a year ago Cole appeared at the school. He'd had black hair then and had been pretty scary to most of the students, ex military school guy and made dam well sure that the idiots knew he could hold his own in a fight if he needed to.

Seb had worked out Nick's attraction to guys when he'd caught the blonde staring at Cole getting changed after swimming. He wasn't the only one who noticed though.

Cole chased him for four months before Nick agreed to a date. Two months before the blonde was confidant enough to kiss him and now they were so comfortable with each other it was perfect. Well except for the fact that Cole seemed to think he would break most of the time.

"That new kid," Cole broke the silence, "I don't like him."

"Why not?" Nick asked in surprise, he hadn't realised they'd met at all.

"He's another homophobe." Cole said with distaste and Nick laughed.

"He's not." Cole opened his mouth to argue and Nick shook his head, "Seriously, I told him about us and he didn't care. He told me that he didn't see anything wrong considering his best friends and his boyfriend were gay."

"Oh." Cole snorted, "He called Lucas a closet case today which was hilarious." He stopped the car outside his house and they climbed out. Nick practically lived at Cole's house, he spent at least four nights a week staying over and would stay as late as possible whenever he could. He followed the blue haired boy to his room and dumped his bag beside the bed before flopping backwards onto it.

"School should be illegal." He grumbled, "I swear it's a form of torture." Cole laughed and moved to straddle him. Nick gave him a small smile before tugging him down so their lips met. He was vaguely hopeful that they'd go further but knew it wouldn't happen.

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