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"When the Aloadai Giants were nine years old and measured eighteen feet across by fifty four feet tall, they decided to fight the gods. So they set Mount Ossa on top of Mount Olympos, and then placed Mount Pelion on top of Ossa, threatening by means of these mountains to climb up to the sky ... Ephialtes paid amorous attention to Hera, as did Otos to Artemis ... Artemis finished off the Aloadai in Naxos by means of a trick: in the likeness of a deer she darted between them, and in their desire to hit the animal they speared each other."

Apollodorus, The Library 1.53

Chapter IV



She grew so beautifully. It was as if she was of another world entirely, all the gods agreed. But something was wrong with Eris. I assume that she would have become a very trusting and loving person. However, ever since the day of her naming, she trusted few and unfortunately I was not among them. Therefore, I became determined to persuade her that I was her friend and not her enemy. It was all Aphrodite's fault, I am sure of it…

The whispers had found their way to Zeus' ears, Eris was sure of it. Nothing else would have sent him into such a fury. Naturally the cause of his rage was Hera, whom had been foolish enough to meddle with one of her husbands many love affairs.

"Maybe next time Hera won't waste her time with cursing mortals and just curse Zeus and get it over with! Or better yet Aphrodite!" muttered Eris, adding the last part with a smirk. Ever since the day of her naming, she held a certain dislike for the goddess of beauty. "Poor Hephaestus." She said sadly.

"And why do you pity the smith, m'lady? The old man has more gold than you cold ever hope for! Why come to think of it, he just made a set of lovely br-"

The flying man was cut off. "Hermes, I have my reasons." Said Eris, seeing the look in his eyes she continued, "One, you're a fool. Two, I don't care about whatever Hephaestus made for you. Three, the reason I pity his is because he has a wife who is low enough to sleep with Ares and yet he still dotes upon her. And four, Shut up." She finished, ticking off her fingers as she went along.

Hermes sighed and flew to the ceramic tile. "Eris, you really shouldn't interrupt. It happens to be very rude. As I was saying, you shouldn't go about pitying Hephaestus because you should pity me."

Eris (just barley) managed to contain a un-lady like snort. "Don't look at me like that, I haven't even give you're the reason why" Hermes snapped.

Eris grinned. "Right then, let's here it." "Heavens child! You should pity me because I was blessed with such good looks… and lets not forget the fact that Zeus is a little prone to use me during his target practice when he gets into a foul mood." He said, adding the last bit hastily.

"Me? Pity you for that? Hermes, that just happens to be something that should happen to you on a daily basis for all the trouble you cause!" said Eris, laughing. Hermes met her cheerful gaze with his somber one. "Do you hate me as well, my lady? Just like the rest?"

"I don't hate you Hermes and of all of Olympus relies on you." Eris retorted, "Besides you haven't done anything to make me hate you." She added softly, touching the thin scar on her face. "Like leaving a permanent reminder of my vanity of someone else's face? Said Hermes, moving closer to Eris.

Eris backed away from his would-be embrace. "I have to leave." She said rudely, and half walked, half ran away.

'Poor Eris, hell is nothing compared to her wrath.' Mused Hermes silently.

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