How to Treat a Lady

Chapter 1

Welcome to Hell







That would be me attempting to murder my alarm clock. I don't know why anyone bothered to invent those things, it's loud and annoying. Those bloody things are like howling werewolves on a night of a full moon. It's absolutely ridiculous. Yet being in the 21st century, no one would survive without one of those blaring electrical component boxes.

I slowly cracked my eyes opened and quickly shut them again. Sunlight should be made illegal, better yet school should be made illegal. Everything that has to do with education, early mornings and hard labour should all be banned.

What ever happened to the carefree, happy go lucky world?

Groggily I crawled out of my warm bed and into the cold tiled bathroom floor. It was a good ten minutes before my eyes would stay open willingly.


My hand flew to my mouth and grabbed the alarm clock.

8.15 AM

I am officially late on my first day. Groaning I ran around my room frantically gathering the day's necessities while trying to pull on my jeans and top.

Perhaps I should really stop here and start with an introduction to myself. My name is Violet Degregory, 18 years of age and the eldest daughter of George and Rosette Degregory. They are one of the most successful couples within the business world. I have a younger sister named Felicity and I absolutely adore her.

I have waist length dark brown hair with streaks of dirty blonde, bright emerald eyes (curtesy of my mother) and body wise? Well let's just say I have the right curves in the right places.

"Let's go," I said as I stumbled down the stairs, grabbing my shoes with one hand and my sister's hand with the other.

Felicity Degregory. My baby sister of 15 years. She's the most wonderful sister anyone could ever ask for. With light brown hair and blue grey eyes, she is almost a splitting image of my father – well a more feminine version.

Yelling a "Good Morning" and "Bye" to my parents, Felicity and I sped down to my beautiful black, pride and joy. My Mercedes Benz SL 65.

"I don't believe you overslept on your first day Vivi," my sister said with an amused face.

"Oh hush, you know I didn't ask for this. I rather spend my time sleeping and besides, this is all your fault," I scowled.

First day of school, well first day at my sister's school. I had attended a different school previously but those snobs were utterly unbearable, it got to the point where I actually considered home schooling for my final year. Well, I considered it until Felicity begged me at attend her 'not so snobbish' school.

We made it to school within record time with five minutes to spare. But that also meant that I broke about over 100 traffic rules and regulations. I think I almost ran over a bird or something.

"Bye sis," Felicity gave me a quick peck and ran off.

I watched her retreating figure for a moment before turning my attention to the dungeon people called school.

"Katoomba High School. School of excellence and discipline." I read aloud from the sign.

Since my baby sister decided to abandon me on my first day, I had to find my own way to the office. Spotting a sign on the wall saying "Office" I quickly walked over, while surveying the buildings.

The garnet bricks were spotless, no gum stains, marker drawings or anything. The windows were crystal clear and not a single piece of trash could be seen on the grounds.

Walking backwards I could see that the school grounds were huge, no wonder Felicity chose to come here instead of my snobby school.

"ooff…sorry." I apologised.

Since I was walking backwards I didn't realise there was someone behind me and I rammed straight into them.

The boy dusted himself and looked down at me. He was a good head taller with bright blue eyes and dirty blonde spiked hair. He wore a pair of faded baggy jeans and a dress shirt buttoned only half way, showing off a well-toned body. Upon closer inspection I also noticed a tiny stud on his left ear lobe.

There was only one word to describe the guy in front of me.


"You know darling, sorry isn't going to be enough," he purred.

My head snapped up, scratch the hotness. This guy is a complete dickhead.

"Well, what do you propose that I do?" I asked icily.

The guy raised and eyebrow and then grinned. He lifted up my chin, inspecting me from side to side.

"I'm sure we could work something out," he said seductively.

I glared at him, slapping away his hand.

"How about you being ten feet away from me? That sounds like a great idea."

He frowned. "Do you know who I am?" he asked

I rolled my eyes, "I don't care if you're God himself. Just stay away from me."

I was about to walk off when he grabbed my arm, "Do you know who I am?" he repeated.

"The absolute biggest jerk and perverted guy of the school?" I asked in my most innocent tone.

The guy scowled, "You're new aren't you?"

"So what if I am" I snapped.

He smiled, "Then you should know that you wouldn't want to mess with me. Because you're new I'll let you off with a warning. My name is Heath Renolds. Remember it well."

I bowed mockingly, "Why I thank you, your majesty. I didn't know you ruled this school."

I studied the guy's face and that was when it hit me. I mentally slapped myself for not realising sooner.

"I know who you are now," I announced.

Heath smirked, "Good."

Who didn't know the Heath Renolds was. Son of Edward and Yuvonne Renolds. He was splashed across the papers with his father nearly everyday and voted one of the most eligible bachelors in the area. Women, young and old fell for his so called "Charm".

Pfft…if that guy has charm then I'll live to be a thousand. The fact that his parents and my parents correspond on a business and a friendly level doesn't help me in anyway either. Why is it that all successful business people know each other?

I grinned, "Who doesn't know who you are Heath. You're the most popular senior guy of this school. All the girls want you and all the guys want to be you. You can melt anyone with that damn sexy smile and you have everyone at your beck and call. Not to mention that you come from a wealthy family. Your just a million dollar package all wrapped together."

I sauntered up, tiptoed and whispered into his ear, "But guess what? I won't be part of you're little groupies. You wouldn't want to mess with me either."

Without waiting for a response I walked off in the direction where I spotted the office sign.

First class was well under way by the time I competed my registration papers, collected my books and shown to my locker. The principal escorted me to the classroom for what was left of my first class – advanced English.

When I entered the room it was easy to see where the divider of "Cool" and "Nerd" was. Those who belonged to the in crowd were all seated at the back of the room and those who preferred to study were situated at the front.

A woman in her mid forties approached me smiling, "Welcome, you must me the new student. I am Mrs Bryant."

I smiled, "Violet Degregory"

While Mrs Bryant introduced me to the class whole I scanned over the students. My gaze was met with a pair of ice blue ones.

Three guesses whom they belonged to.

Heath Renolds was sitting at the very back row, hands behind his head and feet on the table. If any producer wanted to make an advertisement on how to slouch in a beach chair, Heath's their man.

"Who's Felicity Degregory to you?" someone shouted out.

My eyes narrowed at a lanky looking guy with black hair that was tied back. His dark brown eyes reminded me of black coffee shots.

"If you want to earn points with Felicity, you might want to be more polite to her sister."

Almost immediately murmurs could be heard from all around the room.

"So that was make you…" the black hair guy started

"The heiress of Degregory Enterprises." I finished.

Surprise flickered across Heath's face, but he said nothing and continued to stare back at me.

"That's enough. If you have any more questions you can ask Ms Degregory after class. Take a seat where ever you like Violet dear." Mrs Bryant said, gesturing towards a few empty tables.

I scanned the room once more, a few of the guys at the back motioned for me to take the vacant seats next to them. I rolled my eyes and grabbed an empty seat in the second row.

A few groans of disappointment were heard. I smiled inwardly, If they think I'm going to be an up myself bitch heiress like those other sluts they're sitting with, They have another thing coming.

Class went by without much fuss, the girl sitting besides me offered to show me around. I accepted gratefully. I mean after all I will need new friends. I just hope she's not as bad as some of the other girls I used to know.

Her name was Ruby Pearson, youngest daughter of a small exporting company. With pale blonde hair, her pewter coloured eyes stood out. Her complexion was dark and her body toned. She said that she was always outdoors doing some kind of sport and easily tanned under the sun.

"You have Math with me and there's Advanced Biology, Perceptual Behaviour Studies," Ruby continued to tick off the subjects we had together.


I whipped around and the saw that the black hair guy from English was jogging after me. He was followed by Heath who was strolling at a turtle's pace.

For someone who is broadcast as one of the best athletic youths, he sure walks slow.


The guy grinned, "Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Johnathon Wright. Your parents and mine have worked together before."

He stuck out his hand, which I shook.

"I remember. I met your parents once, during some business dinner at my place."

Johnathon nodded, "My parents told me that Degregory's oldest daughter was extremely polite and pretty. They even hinted to me that I should ask you out. I quote, 'Degregory's daughter is very mature. More than what I can say about the girls you date. You should go out with someone like her.'

He chuckled, "Had I known you were this hot I would have listened."

I watched Johnathon, amused, "I'm not your type deary. And besides, what about my sister?"

Johnathon let out a nervous laugh, his eyes were diverted to the ground. "Don't be silly. Your sister is too young. Besides she has plenty of guys going after her already."

I nodded knowingly. As young as Felicity was, she was popular with the guys. There was more than one occasion where I had to play the part of strict, over protective sister to keep them off our doorstep.

Heath had reached us by the time I had finished sympathising with Johnathon. He was leaning against the lockers, arms folded and looking bored.

"What's wrong with you Heath? You look like you need some excitement in your life," came a sultry voice.

Some blonde bimbo had sauntered up and draped her arms around his neck while rubbing her body against his.

"Julianna," he greeted.

He sounded so dead, like a robot. I looked away promptly when Julianna brought her mouth crashing onto Heath's. Johnathon looked out the window and rolled his eyes.

I guess this happens a lot. Some things never change, no matter what school you attend. There's the in crowd and the out crowd. The 'in' would make out when ever possible, literally groping each other in the hallways, classrooms, library. You name it, they do it. The 'out' crowd are more normal. Well, I think so anyways. They read, study, games and what not.

"Violet, we have to go. The teacher in the next class would kill us if we're late." Ruby tugged on my arm.

"Mr Separable? Maths?" asked Johnathon

Ruby nodded, "He'll kill you too, if you're late again. You really pissed him off last week."

He grinned, "I live to piss off Separable. It is my main goal in life."

"People in this school are weird," I muttered.

Ruby smiled while Johnathon bowed, "Thank you my Lady. Now let me escort you two to class. Heath is going to be awhile."

I took one arm that he offered while Ruby took the other.

True to her word, Mr Separable was as crazy as Ruby had claimed.

Within the first ten minutes he had given out at least seven or eight detentions. He would probably make it into the book of Guinness World Records.

Teacher who can give out the most detentions in the least amount of time – Record is One hundred thousand in five minutes.

He'd probably break his own record somewhere along the line.

Separable was in the middle of explaining standard divinations when the door opened. Heath walked in leisurely, his lips were swollen and his clothes slightly disarrayed. Mr Separable had turned to glare at him, he was not happy at all.

I would have cringed under a gaze that intense but Heath didn't seem to be fazed at all, if anything I think it satisfied him to know he gets under the teacher's skin. Without a word Separable pulled out a red slip and thrust it in Heath's hand before turning back to the board.

He glanced at the red slip, shrugged and trudged to the back of the room where he pulled on the beach chair pose.

His favourite pose?


The lesson continued as if the world was about to end. Separable would randomly shoot out questions to poor helpless students struggling to get the grasp of all the numbers. I personally think that he's trying to murder us slowly by filling our heads with so much data that it'll explode.

Okay, maybe it's a little unrealistic but this is what happens when you dislike Math. I've loathed it since primary and I am not going to start liking it anytime soon, even if I know I can pass with flying colours.

It was lunch and seeing that I didn't bring any food from home, I had the choice of the cafeteria or eat out.

"What do you want to do?" I asked Ruby.

She shrugged, adjusting her backpack. "How about I introduce you to some of my friends before we go eat out? I know this gorgeous pasta café, ideally it's for couples but hey, food is food right?"

I grinned, "Yum-my. Pasta is my absolute favourite."

We headed for the cafeteria where Ruby introduced me to a few people. Dina was a short bubbly girl with curly red hair. Her skin was pale and dotted with freckles. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle whenever she smiled.

Rex was a tall built guy with jet black hair. It was as black as paint or something. His brown eyes seemed familiar, they were as dark as Johnathon's.

"Yes I am Johno's brother."

I blinked, "Johnathon has a brother but aren't you in – "

"Twins," he interjected.

I examined Rex from head to toe, there were subtle differences but you can definitely tell that they were related.

Ruby motioned to another guy next to Rex, "This is my baby, Mint."

I raised an eyebrow, "Mint? As in fresh mint or something?"

Is it just me or do I just meet weirder and weirder people at this school? What wealthy family would name their child Mint? Out of all names in the baby book.

'Mint' laughed at my incredulous expression, "Don't worry that's not my real name. My parents didn't approve people calling me Mint, 'It is not appropriate, what will the public think?' they said. My name is Timothy Jacobs."

I nodded slowly, still trying to comprehend where Mint came from when Ruby nudged me.

"Ignore him, he has a few screws loose."

"HEY, I resent that." Mint cried.

Ruby rolled her eyes, "Where's Wendy?"

"Do you really need to ask? She's off trying to score with Heath Renolds." Rex replied in a bored tone.

I was right about Heath Renolds. Popular rich guy who has all the girls lusting for his attention. Had I been a normal teenage girl with an over drive of hormones, I probably would have tried to seek his attention too.

Lucky for me, my parents thought it necessary to educate me about the big bad world from a young age. Thus being raised with a very cynical mind about all guys and relationships.

Don't get me wrong, I know not all guys are complete idiots, jerks, no life dogs, but it's just those select few who ruin it for the rest of the male population. Just those few mindless, ball thinking guys simply wouldn't know how to treat a lady.

AN: and so this is my second attempt at a fiction do you like it? Personally I think it's 10x's easier to write something that has to do with modern day world rather than something set decades ago, I can chuck in any contemporary word in and it'll sound right

Heath's name actually came to me from a suburb name. It was called Heathcroft (I think that's how you spell it). Violet's name came about only coz I was staring at something purple at that time…lol and the Math teacher, Mr Separable…well I was in a lecture and that word happened to be staring in my face. Just in case you were wondering what Perceptual Behaviour Studies are…it's just a subject I made up also during uni coz it was there on my notes…

Who would have thought uni could give you inspiration?