Cool off, calm down

I'm almost 20 now

Society says it's time I learned

To be an adult

To follow the leader

But the leader is a coke-snorting-warmongering-ultra-conservative-prick

Something inside me says this time

It might be okay

To follow my own rules

I am not allowed to love who I want

I'm seen as weak, as un-manly

They tell me to go back to

the other side of the rainbow


This country was founded on freedom and acceptance

But we're all a bunch of hypocritical bigots

Fuck it,

This time

I'm following my own rules

My hair is a dark shade of aqua

And my shoulder is stained black

by the logo of one of my favorite

loud, satanic, brain rotting, noise polluting bands

I see it as expressing myself

But the job market sees nothing more

than a sideshow

A way to strike fear and disgust

In the fragile hearts of the general population

Men, women, children

They're just to afraid to follow

their own rules

I'm not in college

But I can't get a job

What am I supposed to do?

It is really my fate to put on a suit and a smile

and sacrifice my soul?

Is that the bargaining chip for the

furthering of that which I claim as

My life

I wish I could just fucking

follow my own rules

Or perhaps maybe I could

learn how to use a machine gun

and smile as I kill the innocent people who just happen

to live in the right place at the wrong time

I'm sure than I'd be accepted,



Hell, I might even get a fucking parade

But then I wouldn't be

following my own rules

I feel so sick, so tired,

so weak.

I give up, but I won't give in

I will keep my love,





and live how I want.

Yes, at this time,

I think it's more than okay

To follow my own rules.